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A G-Normous Chance to Get More & Win Big

G-Normous is back and bigger than ever! Sell big, win bigger. With every G Adventures tour you sell from now until April 30th, you’ll be entered for a chance to win free tours, cash money, and more. This February, all participating G-Normous agents will get 2% extra commission on eligible new bookings! Just use promo code GNORMOUS at the time of booking – perfect for introducing new travelers to National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures! 

To sign up for G-Normous, all you need to do is register for Sherpa here (https://sherpa.gadventures.com/login/). With Sherpa, you’ll also be able to view all our past webinars, including Marine, National Geographic, and Introduction to G Adventures. Founded in 1990 by social entrepreneur Bruce Poon Tip, G Adventures is a small group adventure travel operator offering more than 700 tours in 100 countries, on all seven continents. G Adventures’ award-winning trips support local communities, giving travelers meaningful experiences with people, cultures, landscapes and wildlife, while offering them the freedom and flexibility to explore on their own.

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G Adventures’ responsible approach to travel is demonstrated through its ‘G for Good’ social impact initiatives, which include travel guidelines for children, wildlife and Indigenous people and community-based social enterprise projects that travelers can experience on trip, plus its industry-leading ‘Ripple Score’ assessment to measure what percentage of customer dollars stay in the local economy. G Adventures offers life-changing tours for individuals of all ages, interests and budgets. Because our world deserves more you.

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