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Consider Yourself Wanted

Life gets a lot easier when “you are wanted.” I am not suggesting that you break any laws or get your mug posted in our US Postal Offices or on TV Shows. I am strongly suggesting that the fastest way to the profit land is to make sure that “You Are Wanted.” A reference to high school seniors may help to explain my logic.

My good friend’s son has just completed his college tours prior to selecting his next stop along the education trail. To sum things up, this kid is one smart dude. He is squared away in almost every category, and he puts most of us to shame.

I won’t list the schools that accepted him, but let it suffice to say that these very same institutions would have told me to “take a hike” in a New York minute. He got in a lot of cool places.

But there was one school in particular that caught his attention. Not because the ivy hung so nicely to the walls, or the football team was ranked nationally, or that the debate team left their competitors in the dust. No, that wasn’t it.

One school made it very clear that they “wanted” him. The others simply wrote a note indicating that they were “accepting” him, along with 3,000 others qualified candidates. Big difference.

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I know this to be true since my final decision a thousand years ago, was based on who “wanted” me the most. It is a basic phenomenon and I have shared this with audiences for years…but using another analogy: “People like people who like them.” Or, “Students like colleges who want them.”

Where’s the lesson? Where is the meat? As a sales professional, business practitioner or whatever it is you call yourself, if you want more action, you would be well-advised to show the people you “want” to do business with that you “want” to do business with them.

The easiest and fastest way to accomplish this is to…tell them that you want them. The surest way to confirm that you are not just tossing around a little “lip-service” is to follow-up religiously with your prospects. This means consistently…with persistence…with sincerity…on time and over time.

There is little doubt about it. The secret is to be “Wanted.”

Mike Marchev

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