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E-X-E-C-U-T-I-O-N is a nine-letter word that identifies the reason most companies (and individuals) fail to meet their full potential. Or, put another way, a “lack of execution.”

Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines ‘execute’ as, “to carry out; perform; do.” The issue is not a lack of knowledge. It is a shortage of do. This week, focus on the concept of E-X-E-C-U-T -I-O-N. Do something. Do anything.

The business author Tom Peters (In Search of Excellence) was known for saying, “It is amazing to me how many people in the oil business fail to get the message that in order to strike oil…you have to dig a hole.”

I added to Tom’s observation by reminding people that there are only two types of holes: Holes that contain the “black gold”, and holes that feature nothing but dirt and rocks. If by chance you come up empty in your initial dig, dig another hole.

Popular clichés remind us that, “talk is cheap” and “after all is said and done…more is said than done.” There certainly is not a shortage of people telling you what you should do.

You want to strike oil? Dig a hole.

You want to grow your business? Become more visible. Meet more people. Shake more hands. Become more useful.

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I’m not suggesting that planning, thinking, reflecting and strategizing are not necessary steps for establishing excellence. I am reminding you that, sooner or later, you need to put your money where your mouth is and put your knowledge, skills and personality into motion—and execute your plan. Waiting to do so until all your ducks are in a row is like sitting in your den watching the paint dry after you threw a fresh coat on that wall that has been driving you nuts for the past ten years.

Here is today’s four-pronged attack: 1) Start what only deserves finishing. 2) Finish what you start. 3) Perform job tasks like the confident professional you are. 4) Do what you say you will do.

Execute for the remainder of the year with energy, enthusiasm and confidence.


Note: You don’t have to, but I strongly recommend that you do.

Mike Marchev

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