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Four Words That Can Change Your Life

Today’s message is powerful. I said “powerful.” Really Powerful. Do you feel me? More importantly are you hearing me. I said powerful.

I happened upon these four words, and more specifically what these four words mean (to you) quite accidentally.

Not long ago, I took a golf lesson. This was way over do, and heaven knows I needed one. The pro was a good teacher. He had me focusing on a very specific aspect of my swing. A very small and well-defined are, an area I could readily identify with—an area my mind could totally comprehend.

In short, he had me enter a spot on my swing arc that he referred to as getting the club face into the right position. Beautiful. I knew exactly what he was talking about.

If the initial “position” was correct, the chances of me “connecting” with the target (the golf ball in my case) was highly predictable. Information heard, internalized and understood.

Next came the “follow through.” If I allowed my club to continue on a path that assured “flow”, the motion from that point on became academic.

Position. Contact. Follow through.

Enough about how I eliminated my debilitating “slice” from my golf game. What does this have to do with you? Answer: Just about everything.

If you can hear, understand, internalize, and practice what I am about to tell you, you too will be on course to eliminate much of your debilitating sales problems.

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Position: You must put yourself into a position that will enhance your probability for success. This means “out” into the marketplace. You must become visible and better known with the people you actually care about. You must get out of your office or home more and into the world…your world.

Contact: With all the hoop-la about texting, tweeting, Facebook, etc.—I remain one of the old-schoolers who honestly feels that “selling is still a contact sport.” At least it still is in our personal small businesses.

“Eye-to-eye” and “belly-to-belly” is the only way you can effectively introduce your personality into the sales equation. In a me-too industry, this remains the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Get out and into the faces of your prospects more.

Follow through: This also will position you a mile ahead of the competition. Just do what you say you will do…consistently. If you can’t do something or have no intentions of doing something, don’t tell me you are going to do it. This is the single most glaring shortcoming of all (spelled 95%) sales professionals. Amateurs can raise this percentage to 99.9%. Be there for me…again and again and again. Dependability is a key asset. Follow through.

Position. Contact. Follow Through. I rest my case.

Mike Marchev

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