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Never Cold Call Again

‘Cold calling’ is a term that defines the action of a salesperson approaching an unsuspecting prospect and making an honest attempt to make some form of inroad.

This was the way sales were initiated a few years back. That was back when sales managers endorsed and played “the numbers game.” Make a million calls…make a few sales.

Thanks to what appears to be a shorter day and a faster clock (we still have 24 hours, but it seems like twelve) and add to this the many benefits the internet has brought to the party, cold-calling just doesn’t have the same respect it once had. I know, I hate to cold call.

Hate? Perhaps a major dislike and sincere disdain are better qualifiers. Those marketing gurus who are a lot smarter than I am came up with a term that helps us come to grips with this “disdain.” They refer to “Opt-In” marketing as a way of life that appears to permit us to communicate with prospects since they gave us permission to do so.

This sounds very cool—except for one thing. How do you get people to “opt-in” if you don’t knock on their door and ask them to do so?

This is known in my business as a “quandary.” So, as not to lose you in my non-linear writing style, allow me to clarify.

To avoid any degree of cold-calling, you must first cold-call. I suggest however, you do so under the guise of give-and-take. Chances are more than good if you do not introduce yourself to your world, you will remain invisible. Therefore, the ball is in your court to “become visible.”

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This next thought is very deep, so stay with me. Focus. Ready?

If I don’t know you are alive, I will never decide whether or not to do business with you. So, as not to draw this message out, I will say that cold calling for cold calling sake is not a wise use of your time. But in order to get a new person onboard, it is necessary to make the first move. Call it what you like. You must get out of your comfort zone and make the initial move…cold…hot…or otherwise.

Mike Marchev

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