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Relevancy: Now There Is A Unique Concept!

I remember it like it was yesterday. Maybe because it WAS yesterday. At 5:50 a.m. That is when my Google Alerts drew my attention to a marketing article that once again got me thinking.

The opening sentence in this particular article read, “Most marketers don’t understand the American Heartland, a unique segment that is ever-evolving and requires constant attention for brands to remain relevant.”

As great a place as it might be, this is not about America’s Heartland. And, although I pride myself as a marketing aficionado, it is not about “segmentation.” The word that grabbed me was the word “relevant.”

True? False? Good or bad? Does your product, service, idea or invention have anything to do with your clients? If the answer is “yes,” than you have something to talk about.

Key Point: It is all about them. It was always about them. It will be always about them. It is never about you.

When stopping to reflect on this concept it became crystal-clear how important “relevancy” is when attempting to grow and sustain a business. If you do not “connect” with your prospect or client in terms that make sense to them, and offer some distinct advantage to them, than you might as well be talking to the tree outside your front door.

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Synonyms for this word include: applicable, germane, pertinent, appropriate and significant. In short, what you do must be meaningful to who you do it to. It must be applicable, germane, pertinent, appropriate and significant. It must be relevant.

This is best accomplished by exiting your world for a brief period of time and entering the mind of your prospect or client to see things from their perspective. As obvious as it may sound, this is “easier said than done.” But it must be said…and it must get done.

You must position yourself as a provider of goods or services who is actually relevant in the eyes of your targeted audience. What you say…what you do…what you propose…and what you recommend must be applicable, germane, pertinent, appropriate and significant. It must be relevant. You must be relevant.

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