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Who Exactly Is “Lady Gaga?”

(Originally written a few years back but worth reading today.)

Just when you think you have seen, heard, and done it all along comes an email that shakes your world.

Let me go on record to say that I don’t know what she looks like, sounds like and what her preferences are in any category whatsoever. I have heard of her…and about her. This is what makes this article in and of itself worth reading. I kind of “like” her. Not for her clothes. Not for her make-up. Not for her sound or choice of songs. But for her street-savvy understanding of “marketing.”

I once was surfing biznik.com when I came across the title of an article that caught my attention. I clicked. I read. I scratched my head. I agreed.

The author was referencing a 60-Minute Telecast interview with the Lady herself. (Except when in the sleeping position, she prefers to be called Gaga.) Make a note. So after reading her article, which made very good sense, I tracked down the video interview on YouTube. Again, some very logical and intelligent “stuff.”

You might enjoy watching the video yourself, but get ready for a possible change of opinion. Consider yourself “warned.” www.youtube.com type in Lady Gaga 60-Minute Interview.

Here are six salient marketing points that one could glean from the interview.

1. Master the “Art of Fame” – It became very apparent that the “Lady” studies her craft. She knows where she wants to go and she has a plan to get there. Everything she does from dress to behavior is orchestrated to get her to her pre-determined destination. I found this to be very interesting coming from a 24-year old. Your “fame” will not come by accident. You too have to do some serious homework and study if you want to become successful in this, or any other business.

2. Know your audience and connect– Lady Gaga knows her audience. Among other things they consist of a bunch of good people who are “disenfranchised” to some degree. They are “seeking” a direction and an identity. The “Lady” knows this problem and is empathetic toward it. There definitely is a method to this woman’s madness.

3. Be inspirational– I’ve been “preaching” this one for years that enthusiasm sells. Lady Gaga has this one down to the penny. I also suggest you to run away from the downers, the whiners and the bores. This woman ain’t boring.

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4. Make it personal– Let people know that you know what you are talking about. Apparently, Lady Gaga grew up feeling somewhat a drift, away from the in-crowd. She has been there and she easily connects with like-minded groupies.

5. Be outrageous– Okay, here is where I might lose some of you. (Spelled MANY) Being timid, or even invisible just isn’t going to cut it today. There are simply too many other options making a little noise to grab attention. (Some more noise than others.)

Remember that people will think about what they are told to think about. Unless you get into my mind, you don’t have a snowballs chance in hell to begin a relationship.

It is up to you to “get in” anyway you can.

And the most logical way is to enter the conversation I am already having with myself. But that is a discussion for a future article.

6. Change it up sometimes– Boy does the Gaga lady have this one down to a science. Bringing something fresh and entertaining each and every day is what the world is calling for these days. Boring is out. Fun is in. Gaga wears a new outfit each and every time you lay eyes on her. Never boring. Always drawing interest.

So leave it to the good Lady to get the message across. I am still not a fan, but I do salute her marketing charisma.

Mike Marchev

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