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A Thought About America’s Past Time

Knowing a little bit about the game myself (my college team made it to the College World Series in Omaha back in ’68), I find myself cringing when a “million dollar baby” one-hands a fly ball out in left field. On more than one occasion, the dude drops the pill. I remember watching one game and witnessed two of these drops. (Incredible! Or should I say “pathetic.” It is another textbook example of why God gave us two hands…to catch fly balls.

Somewhere along the way ballplayers decided that in order to protect their manicure on their throwing hand, it would behoove them to snag air balls with the glove hand only. “Look at me Ma! One hand!” Why? Can someone explain the logic behind this foolish practice? I didn’t think so.

In business as in baseball, there is also a “right” way and there is an “easy” way. You can bet your bottom dollar that today’s young players think they can defend their one-handed catches. You can also bet that us “fossils” can justify the two-handed approach. Need I reference numerous examples?

This often boils down to a simple debate between popular vs fundamental. I can almost hear some feisty old major-leaguer scolding today’s players…telling them in not-so-flattering fashion: “You can take your ‘popular’ one-handed catches and stick them where the sun don’t shine.” (Not my words. That is baseball talk circa 1968.)

Okay. Here is where I make the connection.

In business, “popular” can sometimes be equated to “easy” or “fast”…the way that takes the least amount of effort. Does “Twitter” ring a bell? Hey! I’m just saying…

What about texting vs a phone call? What about email vs a hand-written ‘thank you’ card.

Fundamental is sometimes equated to “hard” or “longer”…getting your face in front of people. Do presentations, phone calls and face-to-face meetings strike a nerve? (Remember them?) Where are the coaches I ask? Is the tail wagging the dog…in baseball and in business? I am afraid it is. Resulting in a whole bunch of whining and baseless excuses.

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Million dollar ballplayers will continue to catch fly balls with one hand with or without my blessing. So-called business professionals will still opt for the easy way while continuing to blame the economy for their problems.

The beat will go on and the world will continue to spin with or without my TRO Column.

But dropping easy “cans-of-corn” (lazy fly balls) in front of the viewing public is not what I call a good time, or a good show…or good TV or good baseball. Go out of business if that is your objective, but please use both hands whenever possible.

There are no bad hops in the air.

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