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Converting prospects to clients with an opening email

First impressions count. I think we can all agree on that one. Just like when someone walks into your store, or perhaps meets you for the first time at the local Starbucks—you are being judged. Will there be another meeting? Do I like this person? Do they seem trustworthy? All of these thoughts go through your prospect’s head when they first meet you. Today, many of the first “meetings” happen over email. And a good portion (if not the majority) will be from your mailing list. Are you making the right impression with that first contact? Or are you making some mistakes right out of the gate with your welcome email?

The open rate for the average welcome email is between 50% and 60%.

According to MailChimp, the average open rate for regular travel (and transportation) emails just 20%. As Bill Engvall would say—here’s your sign.

Heed some of these tips and you will be far ahead of the competition.

Make sure you let them know they made the right decision.

  • Create the right subject line—remind them why they are getting your email. Catch their attention. Make them do more. Something as simple as “Thanks for signing up for the ABC Travel Gram, what’s next?” will do the trick.
  • Thank them for signing up—manners matter
  • Let them know how many subscribers you have—establishes yourself as an authority. Peer pressure.

Set the expectations

  • Tell them what to expect—weekly, monthly, quarterly. And stick to it.
  • Ask them to whitelist you. You can always check your spam score prior to sending, but if they whitelist you, it will be easier. No one will whitelist anyone without asking!

Deliver the goods

  • Did you promise them something as an enticement to sign up? Information? A discount? Make sure you fulfill that offer immediately! Most email programs have auto-responders to handle this. A good idea might be packing lists for specific destinations or travel types. “Download our handy packing list so you won’t be stuck buying that $20 bottle of aspirin in the hotel gift shop.” And have different ones for different sources.

Most businesses (i.e. your competitors) aren’t giving much thought to their initial email to a prospect. In fact, most are using a cookie cutter website that looks no different than the next guys. Is that the impression you want? Some time spent considering the message on your opening email will pay dividends to you for a long time and set you apart from the others. Consistent emails with the right branding and messaging will endear your prospects to you and convert them into clients! What are your tips?  Leave a comment!

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