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Different Strokes For Different Folks

When clients and prospects begin to confuse you by acting strange (by your definition,) I want you to take a field trip to Barnes & Noble to check out the magazine rack.

Why? Because you will see in an instant hundreds of different magazines targeting hundreds of different tastes and hobbies. Who would have thought?

Even if you are an extraordinary target marketer you will find yourself tested at times when your opinion is not endorsed without question. The reason for this is clearly demonstrated at the magazine rack.

I stop by the racks every time I visit Barnes & Noble and marvel at the thought of how so many people can think differently than I do. I drift toward Entrepreneur Magazine and perhaps some computer rags. Baking, sewing, gardening, hunting, fixing, building, parenting, exercising, beautification of both home and body and so many more are there for the viewing. I find this to be fascinating.

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Why is this so important? As a sales professional it is your duty to find out early in the relationship where the “hot button” is located and what floats your prospect’s boat. I can virtually guarantee you one thing. It isn’t the same as yours.

This single fact is what makes the world such an entertaining place. We are all different with different likes, dislikes, feelings and opinions. C’est la vie.

So the next time you think the world sings from the same song sheet (yours), take a break and head for the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble. You will find this to be a sobering and refreshing field trip. And the way you deal with your prospects and clients from that day forward may just improve for the better.

Mike Marchev

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