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Have a Nice Day

Another day…another lesson. This time via the local Pharmacy.

Please stop what you are doing and pay attention to what I am about to share with you. Your future eating habits lie in the balance. I don’t make this stuff up, and I am not here to simply take up space. This is important. Please read on.

My wife took a tumble last week resulting in a wrenched back and a serious knot on the back of her head. We spent a few hours in the ER before heading home. It is always interesting to me how fast life can change course in a single “step”…or should I say one missed step.

I stopped by our local pharmacy to pick up a few prescriptions designed to take the pain out of an unexpected tumble. The woman behind the counter was business-as-usual.

“May I help you?” she uttered…with no eye contact.

“You can pick this up in 30-minutes” she offered…with no eye contact or voice inflection.

“We close at 6”, she warned me with (you guessed it )…no feeling and absolutely no sign of a personality.

Upon picking up the medicine I heard her say, “Have a nice day.” This from a person who didn’t mean it … once again with no eye contact.

Sure! I got what I came for at a price that did not break the bank. My wife would soon be feeling better and life would go on.

I was not a “big shot” in this pharmacist’s life, so I suppose I should not have expected anything less. But I did.

I was expecting – and would have appreciated – a little more…something.

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Why am I sharing this with you? Because this woman made an impression, albeit a negative one. I am sharing this because in the last seven days, this is the memory that I am carrying through the week…and who knows … maybe into the future when the conversation at a local cocktail party stimulates such a negative memory.

So here lies the rub.

If you perform your craft less than expected, do not think that your negative behavior will not be noted, analyzed and probably shared at the next cocktail party with some less-than-flattering embellishment.

And if it does, you have no reason to scratch your head wondering why you are not more successful than you are.

Period! End of message.


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