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How Magnetic Are You

Today I have two reminders that are extremely important. The first one reminds us of the Law of Attraction, while the second one reminds us of how to use just three questions to position strangers for future interaction. Let’s look at one at a time.

I remember the day like it was yesterday, when I first found myself attracted to a member of the opposite sex. Well, I wasn’t exactly attracted as I was flattered. The whole thing wasn’t my initial idea, but I fell right into step as the story unfolded.

I was approximately ten years old when I experienced my first “crush.” A very interesting phenomenon occurred as soon as I learned that a female thought I was pretty “cute.” Sweet! I immediately returned the feeling. “If Mary likes me, then I like Mary.”

The funny thing was that although my feelings for Mary were real and sincere at the time, I had no clue who she was, what she looked like, or how she selected me as her object of interest. If the truth be told at the time, I did not care. I just knew that I now liked Mary for the simple reason that she liked me.

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Not knowing it at the time, a great sales lesson had just been introduced to me in disguise. This was a lesson that would serve me well for the next 58 years…and then some.

In short, people usually like the people who like them. It is just as important to highlight that the opposite holds true. People do not like people who do not like them. This little factoid is BIG. MAJOR. SIGNIFICANT. You can take this to the bank.

It is true for ten-year-olds and it is true for 70-year-olds. And, it will be true for those in the nineties. People like people who like them. The message here should be obvious, but I will mention it just the same. Look for reasons to like people. More often than not they will return the favor.

Once people decide to “like” you, you will automatically cross over from “stranger” to acquaintance. In order to move the relationship even further into the plus column, I want you to consider the following:

When people meet you for the first time, imagine that they will be asking themselves three questions…about you:


  1. Can I trust this person? We all know that trust takes time but there is one thing you can do to indicate your trustworthiness right from the beginning. Focus on the person in front of you. Maintain positive eye contact. Stop any inclination to multi-task. Focus. Pay attention.
  2. Do they know what they are talking about? The biggest mistake you can make here is to get caught in a lie or to tip your hand by sharing something that isn’t true or isn’t quite true. In other words, don’t guess. If you stick with the facts as you know them, you will be working from a solid foundation. If you are not sure of something, offer to get back to the person. Then, (and this single trait may very well position you miles ahead of your competition) get back to them.
  3. Do they care about me? Everybody is a VIP in his or her own mind. Indicate that you care by focusing on them by asking questions concerning their past, present and future. Then, and this should come as no surprise, listen to what they have to say. Listen for what is said and what is not said. Read between the lines and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.


Sales will instantly become less of a gamble once you start becoming the type of person people like to be around. Remember: people are like magnets…they all exhibit the power to either attract or repel. Which type are you?

Mike Marchev

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