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Johannesburg with EgyptAir

Johannesburg is a colorful city, with yellows and greens accenting a city that is alive with culture. The largest city in South Arica, it was started as a gold mining town and grew to become of the world’s 50 largest urban areas. The music is festive, the museums informative, and the culture is a truly original mixture of different peoples. The city of Johannesburg has a bit of everything to offer the traveler.

For those that enjoy learning about the history of a destination, the Apartheid Museum is a somber (yet, needed) reminder of a rocky past. Likewise, the Museum Africa presents the visitor with a total view of Africa’s past through kingdoms and cultures of the past. For people who love nature, more options are available. Those that want to see some of the wildlife of Africa can visit either the Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary or the Johannesburg Zoo. And, when nature calls, the lush Botanical Gardens or Wondercave will do. The Wondercave lives up to its title as being the third biggest cave in South Africa and allows the traveler to explore its depths at 60 meters below ground level, where they will find fossils and more.

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Even with the great options so far that show its past, Johannesburg is growing into a brighter future. Families will want to visit Gold Reef City, a theme park and casino with rides and a giant roller coaster. Some of the buildings mimic the 1890 gold rush in Johannesburg. The Sci-Bono is another option for families, presenting science exhibits and demonstrations for people of all ages. With or without kids, travelers can also catch an exciting game of soccer or a concert at the FNB Stadium.

Johannesburg’s future is bright. Its past has become the stage for a festive and colorful environment, and the seeds of the past are growing into a better future. EgyptAir offers up flights to Johannesburg from major hubs such as Amsterdam, Cairo, and London. Their fleet of 70 aircraft and almost 87 years of experience will deliver when it comes to exploring Johannesburg.

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