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There’s That Five-Letter Word Again!

The latest occurrence surfaced while I was sitting next to my old friend, and former partner, while sharing stories over a cold beer at a recently opened Irish pub. It was right then and there I heard a word that has become more popular, and used more often than the words Lady Gaga.

The word? The word is “niche.” Often pronounced ‘neesh’, I prefer to say nitch…sounds like hitch.

We were enjoying a “cold one” at a newly owned and managed saloon…let’s call it a pub. We wished the new proprietor well before clinking mugs as my friend asked the barkeep, “What’s your niche?”

Until that moment in time, I had thought that question was only appropriate to small businesses…like travel agencies. It never dawned on me that restaurants, perhaps more than other segment, needed to enhance their reputation on a specialty. Not unlike Chuck E. Cheese or the prompt delivery promise of Dominoes Pizza.

Selling beer is not unlike…selling beer. But, perhaps much closer to home, selling travel or cruises or vacation packages are pretty much generic…unless they are not.

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I am not quite sure which word gets more ink today, ‘Gaga’ or ‘Niche,’ but I do know that the good lady attracts a certain age group or, may I be so bold to say, target market—so did/does Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift.

Bottom Line Folks: Whether you decide to go into the hops business or not, you need to identify a “Niche” if you are going to get to the bottom of the keg.

As for me and my friend: Yes, we did have one more before asking the barkeep another question. “What time do you close?”

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