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I Love These Stories

My wife called my attention to this article, as she is aware of the type of information I enjoy sharing with you.

This lesson once again falls under the topic of “asking” and then seeing what comes from it. Sometimes, you just might hit that “home run.”

Once upon a time, a virtual nobody read that Michael Jordan (NBA Basketball Super Guy) was scared to weight lift in fear of it ruining his agility and shot-making ability.

MJ recognized the need to become stronger, but feared any negative results. Enter Mr. Nobody. This guy (an unknown trainer) thought that he could help so he wrote a letter to The Bulls office to offer his services. He asked to be given 30 days before being judged. That was fifteen years ago and he is still Mike’s trainer.

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Where have you read this one before? I call them “flyer letters.” You just never know and the risk, or downside is minimal. Correction: There is no downside.

Sit down. Right now. And write a personal letter to somebody you want to do business with. In your letter, tell them that you believe you can help them and that you would look forward to having the opportunity to do so. Ask them if you can work with them without beating around the bush.

Don’t tell me you agree with me. Don’t tell me you know. Don’t tell me that you will try it someday. SIT DOWN NOW…AND START WRITING.

You can thank me later.

Mike Marchev

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