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LeBron Brings Right Mix of Fun, Work Ethic

NOTE: LeBron James is a professional basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers) 

I’ll give you the cliff note recap and save you the prose.

This athletic super hero is managing to enjoy his job. How blasphemous is that?

It seems that LeBron has opened himself up to criticism because he dunks balls during his warm up session. (Eh?) So what? He told reporters he does this because he finds dunking a basketball fun. I say, “You go dunk, LeBron.” Whatever it takes to put the joy back into your game, I say go do it. I am talking to YOU.

Many so-called travel professionals thought enjoying their work was yesterday’s news, or just reserved for highly paid athletes and Hollywood celebrities. Bull!

Next to running back-and-forth like school kids, jumping up and down before stuffing a round ball through an iron ring adorned with fancy fringe at its base, working in the travel industry with the real possibility of getting paid for it, has got to be attractive, if not down-right FUN. Just ask LeBron. Missed and blocked shots are all a part of the game. Unleash your competitive spirit. Put a shine on your Emotional Intelligence and get back into the game.

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You have the industry. You have the product. You have the marketplace. You have the work ethic (I hope you do.) Now, all you need is to insert a little fun back into the equation.

Go LeBron. Go You. Go Me. Let’s go have some more fun. Let’s go create some more fun.

My Message of The Day: Let me hear you laugh again.

Mike Marchev

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