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Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones Had It Wrong

Time is not on our side.


This factoid was brought to my attention recently when a friend of mine shared his findings with me. His beautiful granddaughter, who once spent most of their visits wrapped tightly around his neck cuddling, now could be found most of the time up in her room texting to her friends. He realized that this is how life unfolds, but he told me he wasn’t ready for her to grow up yet.

End of story. Beginning of message. Time flies folks. Your prospects and clients may be too busy to fully appreciate this on their own level, but like it or not, their babies are taking shape and moving on with or without their permission. “So what, Mike?” you may be asking yourself. “What’s this have to do with me?”

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You, my friends, are one of the few people who can come to the rescue. There is no better time to rally the troops and take your family on that dream vacation. The time is ripe to schedule that family cruise…now before it is too late. To the beach. To Orlando. To the mountains. To the city. To-gether.

“Time” is your most valuable and precious commodity. And time with loved ones is priceless. YOU can and must remind those in your database that “time is not on their side.” Together you can and must do something about it.

Consider this a timely wake-up call.

Mike Marchev

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