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Turn Off That Computer

One of the most difficult lessons we learn as adults is that we are virtually all the same. We are just a bunch of older children.

Some more gray than others, and some with a few more regrets. Some with a few more letters after their name and some with a police record. (I’m just saying.)

But if life mirrors the sine wave (which I believe it does) and the back and forth motion of your piano’s pendulum sums up our existence, than perhaps it is time to give you the same advice you give to our young’uns: “Why don’t you turn off your computer and go to the library?”

Those who know me, know that I make it a point to practice what I preach. So I put my computer to sleep yesterday and grabbed my library card before heading down town.

All those books, magazines, videos, community announcements and signs reminding us to stop talking provide a refreshing break from one’s daily routine. (The reminder to “stop talking” was a sales message worth the trip alone.) I love being in a library, and I urge all of you to test this creative haven for yourself.

I soon stumbled on an idea worth sharing. I picked up The South Florida Business Journal (yes, there is still a printed version) and began to thumb through it. Apparently there was a contest going on and a bunch of executive “suits” were vying for the prize. (That may answer a question I have always had—what does Mr. and Mrs. Big do with their time? Answer: Enter contests.) Whether your audience consists of buttoned-down executives or not is not the point here…the ease of information-retrieval is. Stay with me.

No fewer than twenty candidates were listed, with all their contact information staring me in the face. Their brief biography; the college where they were introduced to alcoholic beverages along with their academic accolades; their hobbies; their snail mail address along with their email address. It even mentioned who they admired, and who they considered to be their mentor.

In less than 15-seconds, I knew more about these people than their spouses did. This is just an example of how you can use the library. Information can be acquired in a heartbeat. Here is another.

Click Here!

Walk over to the magazine rack and glance through your options. You will see many titles that you would never dream of subscribing to. Go with your gut. Chances are a cover photo will grab your eye. Sit down and turn to the table of contents. Thumb down until a title of an article slaps you in the head…one will. Turn and read that single article with an open mind. (Consider yourself warned. This will soon become addictive behavior.)

I could go on but a second cup of coffee is calling.

The heck with me. Do yourself a favor. Schedule some time this week to ask your neighbor if they know where your town’s public library is, and then make it your business to go hang out there for an afternoon. Not only will you find yourself stimulated to the nth degree, but you might even think so highly of my recommendation that you will decide to join my Inner Circle Sales & Marketing Club—in hope that I may steer you down a couple of more worthwhile paths. HINT: I can.

For example: I have invited members to a one-hour private session with a Social Networking Expert to address ALL of their personal questions this week…and you can’t come unless you are a member of My Inner Circle. Membership on my team is just $19.95/month and members stay for a long time. Show me some confidence. Join my team for one month and see what is in it for you.

Mike Marchev

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