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Uyuni’s Bare Beauty

In the southwest corner of Bolivia, nestled in between rugged mountainous terrain and the world’s biggest salt flats, Uyuni is often overlooked town in the middle of nowhere. Yet, this small town of approximately 10,000 people receives almost 60,000 tourists a year. Thanks to Marnella Tours, today’s 60-Second Geography is all about this fascinating town and what to do there.

60-Second Geography

Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni with Marnella Tours

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  • Uyuni itself is quaint, a town started as a trading post in 1890 and later a mining town for minerals. Today, the town relies on tourism to keep its economy going. A classic layout sits in the cultural center, clock tower and plaza. Added to this aesthetic of time-honored city planning is the open-air market selling wares of the local population. With plenty of lodging for travelers around town, tours leaving for the sites surrounding the town, and a great stopover for trips in South America; Uyuni is ready for travelers.




  • Just 3 km away from Uyuni is an antique train cemetery. This major attraction is filled with rusted out trains from the early 20th century, over 100 of them. Walking through this train graveyard gives a sense of history and the passage of time, as wind from the salt flats nearby have eroded and rusted the metal of the trains. There is no admission or security around the train cemetery, so the traveler can wander as they please through an interesting piece of history.




  • The Bolivia Salt Flats, or Salar de Uyuni, is the largest salt flat in the world. It covers a staggering 4,086 sq mi on a plain at 11,995 ft above sea level. This bed of salt was a prehistoric lake that dried up thousands of years ago. And though this salt flat may be dried out for most of the year, it becomes the world’s largest mirror in the rainy season due to stagnant water and flat surface. Of course, there’s always the obligatory illusion picture of the traveler holding their friend in the palm of their hand. The Salar de Uyuni is different type of natural sight that will forever remain in the memory of those that travel there.




The mysterious feel of decaying trains in the middle of a desert, a small town feel, and the unbelievable image of an ultra-flat surface to explore for days—Uyuni is a remote destination with plenty to offer the wayward traveler looking for a different kind of experience. Not only that, but it works as a stopover along trips to more well-known areas such as Santa Cruz, La Pa, and the ever-popular Lake Titicaca. These are all accessible with Marnella’s tours around South America, taking the traveler to experience the world abroad.

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Uyuni Salt Lake Escape

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Experience a night in a salt hotel on the edge of the Uyuni desert. Share the immensity of the white desert with family or friends and see the unforgettable reflection of the sky on the desert floor.

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