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You Can Do Better Than This

Often times I become mildly embarrassed when I hear myself reminding people of what they should already know. But they don’t. So I do. And I continue to get mildly embarrassed.

Today’s reminder comes via a Sun Sentinel Sunday Morning news article titled New Rules to Aid Struggling Home Owners. My message has little to do with home owners and a lot to do about you, the professional sales person.

In a pullout box labeled Stat of The Week, the following percentages were listed as “common interview problems.” If the shoe fits…wear it. I truly hope I am not talking to you.

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  • Failure to make eye contact: 72%
  • Appearing disinterested: 62%
  • Answering cell phone or texting: 60%
  • Dressing inappropriately: 60%
  • Talking negative about competition: 58%
  • Failure to smile: 42%
  • Bad posture: 38%
  • Weak handshake: 28%

There is only one word for this observation and for this behavior: Incredible.

I am not talking about some fictitious sales wanna-be. I may be talking about you…in one or more of these instances cited above. If not, good for you. If yes, fix whatever needs fixing at once.

Mike Marchev

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