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Greenland’s Glaciers and Coasts

A land mass that is largely above the Arctic Circle, Greenland is a country covered mostly in ice. Though, the southwestern coasts are populated by smaller towns. With stunning fjords and glaciers, to a midnight sun in the summer, to northern lights in the winter—Greenland is a getaway that will leave the traveler speechless with its sights. Today’s article on the shores of Greenland is brought to you by Iceland ProCruises.

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  • There are many waterways leading into the coasts of Greenland. One of these is the Prince Christian Sound, located at the southern tip of the island. Being this far south, it usually the first site of Greenland when cruising from Iceland. This fjord system is approximately 60 miles long, and slims to 1600 ft at points, providing a view of fjords and mountains along both sides of the pass. A stunning way to start a journey to the land of ice.


Meltwater green turquoise water fjord scene


  • Near the town of Nuuk is Ikka Fjord. Here the traveler will not only be able to take in waters surrounded by mountains, but an underwater forest of stalactites. These stalactites are created when certain minerals mix with the sea, growing sometimes as large as 32-50 feet tall. The sight of these columns right below the surface of the water brings to light an environment rarely seen.


Nuuk city with colorful houses covered in snow with sea fjord and mountains in the background, Greenland


  • Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is the also the largest of its cities. Located in the southwest, has an approximate population of 17,984 people. Though small compared to most other capitals, Nuuk is modern city with art and cultural history at almost every turn. The traveler can taste gourmet food offerings from fine restaurants, take a walk through the modern downtown and through the streets of the more traditional Old Town, or visit one of many museums. Nuuk is a surprising oasis in a sparse land up north.


Arctic Icebergs Greenland in the arctic sea.


  • Of course, the more famous of attractions in Greenland are the glaciers and other ice formations. The Greenland Ice Sheet, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covers 80% of the island. With multiple glaciers along the coasts, there are more glaciers than the traveler could see in nearly a lifetime. The Eqi Glacier is an active glacier, meaning that the traveler has a good chance of catching the ice break and fall into the water below—an impressive event among the gorgeous natural settings.

Greenland is a destination for those looking to experience the vastness of our world, the diversity of climates and cultures–the beauty of sparseness and tranquility. The top of the world is at their fingertips with Iceland ProCruises, cruising from Iceland to Greenland with many stops to intriguing sites and small towns with a plenty of flavor.

Iceland and Natural Wonders of Greenland

On this voyage from Iceland to Greenland discover the immense scenic and cultural variety of the world’s largest island from the beautiful and fertile south with its fascinating Viking history and the modern capital of Nuuk in a traditional Inuit society to the town of Ilulissat with its floating icebergs and UNESCO World Heritage site, Ilulissat Ice Fjord. All these spectacles and more await your unforgettable journey aboard the OCEAN DIAMOND.

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