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Maintaining Good Posture

This is Tip #4 in a series of 10 relationship building reminders.


Today is day four, and the beat goes on. Facial expressions, eye-contact, the tone of your voice have been addressed. Today we feature the importance of body posture.

A true story will support today’s message. Her name was Frances. Until she moved out of my community in Delray Beach, Florida; Frances was a neighbor of mine who was approaching the age of 82 and looked not a day over 40. (Maybe 50 at the most.)

From my second story kitchen window, I would stop what I was doing every time Frances walked by just to watch until she strolled out of sight. If you find this behavior of mine to be questionable, so did I.

How did this woman who was getting on with age manage to capture my attention? What was she doing that others her age did not? Why Frances?

It took me a while to figure it out, but figure it out I did. And the message that I am about to share with you needs to be internalized, underscored, imbued in your brain and practiced from this day forward. Frances walked tall and moved as if she knew where she was going.

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In other words, she did not slouch like many (most) older people do. (And many young ones.) She walked with a distinct bounce in her step as if she knew time was passing and she needed to be where she was going without any unnecessary delay of time.

Is it possible to gain attention just by the way you stand, sit, walk and position yourself? Absolutely. Definitely. Yes.

I remember catching myself getting too comfortable while sitting in front of a person interviewing me for a job. After breaking the ice, I felt my body sliding into a comfortable position in the chair and beginning to favor one side as I started leaning noticeably on the left armrest. It felt natural to me but must have looked somewhat awkward to the person interviewing me. I was probably giving off vibes that I really didn’t care much about the offer. Nothing could have been further from the truth. body posture was doing all the talking.

The next time you begin feeling yourself becoming too comfortable in any given situation, I want you to remember Frances bopping down the street, walking tall and on a mission. I want you to picture me sliding over to one side while sitting in an important meeting. I then want you to position your body accordingly. It can make all the difference, and has a zero downside.

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