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Paris for Those That Have Been Before

Paris is a tried and true destination. Romantic, classic, and full of culture that has influence the entire world in multiple industries. Of course, there are the monuments that one must see. The Eiffel Tower, an iconic sight that captured so many hearts its original purpose as a temporary installment was extended to the foreseeable future. The Arc de Triomphe, a celebration and remembrance of France’s epic past. And, group tours through one of the most prestigious museums in the world, the Louvre. But there is more to Paris that these larger sites, a deeper feel for those that have been there and thought they’ve seen all that Paris has to offer.

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Paris, France


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  • To the northwest of Paris, the traveler will find the charming village of Giverny. This village is the location of iconic Impressionist painter Claude Monet’s home. The home is surrounded by the gardens that inspired some of his famous paintings; such as Water Lilies, The Flowered Garden, and Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies. Painted light shades of pink and green, his home still maintains his old studio and original furniture. Each room was painted colors that inspired him to create: light blues, pastel yellow dining room, and a hint of purple accents in the studio. The traveler can tour the pleasant home in this small village and see where a legendary painter made history.




  • Traveling with children can be a challenge. Particularly when the traveler wants to take in the almost overwhelming experience of the Louvre. While art and culture are a favorite of most adults, kids can quickly become bored to tears (literally). Luckily, there are tours that cater to this problem. A private tour for parents and kids that involves the children in a treasure hunt for clues, and keeps them interested in art with a twist. The private guide will entertain the adults as well, with facts about the many masterpieces found in one of the world’s most famous museums. Skip the line and get the kids into art on a private tour—happy kids, happy life.




  • What trip to Paris would be complete without tasting the cuisine known world ‘round. It can be a bit daunting to know where the traveler should start in a city so full of amazing food. Luckily, there’s a tour for that. Starting in the Marche Saint Quentin market, the traveler will taste their way through the fresh food available every day of the week. Moving onto to experience the classic baguette and cheese snack in a 17th century cellar, they will also learn the history and process of how the French make cheese. Top this off with an excellent coffee and delectable deserts—the traveler will be in heaven and their taste buds will never forget this foray into the delicious world of French cuisine. Oh, and of course there will be wine to complete the experience.




  • Paris is, and always has been, a top destination for the traveler. Help the dive into a different way to see the city with ShoreTrips and their tours. From food to fashion, and monuments to Monet, the most romantic city in the world awaits travelers of all types.



Forget the calories…you’re in Paris, where the love of life and the love of food are celebrated around every corner. From long-held traditions to bold innovations, join us for this delicious exploration of Parisian gastronomy.



There is a mystic that revolves around the fashion industry especially in Paris. Since Coco Chanel, or perhaps even before, this city of lights was also one that was in the forefront of the world of fashion and taste.



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