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Ten Non-Verbal Tips Designed To Improve Relationships

For the next 10 days I am going to share ten important reminders if you are planning to take your business and your life to the next level. You may elect to file these tips under the “no-brainer” category, but you might want to internalize each and every tip just the same.

These tips are too important to include them all in a single article, so I chose to cut them and piece meal them to you one at a time to help insure internalization. Today is tip one of day one.

This is Tip #1 in a series of 10 relationship building reminders.

Your Facial Expression

I took a Friday afternoon off to treat myself to a game of golf with a friend of mine. We decided to meet at the course prior to scheduled t-time, to grab a bite to eat. This is where today’s theme captured my attention.

When my friend approached the counter to order two diet cokes and two tube steaks (hot dogs), I remained at the table and observed the interaction from a distance.

Solely based on the waitresses’ face, I made a judgment call as to her professional food-serving capabilities.

I was twenty-plus feet away and never heard her voice or her choice of words—yet I came to conclusion (right or wrong) based on her facial expression alone. I filed her as a woman who was not very good at her job and was spending her waking hours for five o’clock to roll around faster than you can say, “Make mine a Bud Light.

Was this a fair judgment call? Maybe not. But this, my friends, is exactly how things work. You are being judged every day by people who may or may not be in your immediate vicinity. Your face is all that is required for you to set the pace for a good or bad experience.

The individual muscles in your face often reflects what is going on in your head. I won’t go as far to infer that the magic pill lies with your smile. I will say with no hesitation whatsoever, that by not smiling or showing a pleasant demeanor, you are telling people that you feel that life is unfair and that you are a victim of some sort.

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Here is the major take away to non-verbal tip #1. You are a magnet. You have the ability to attract people or to repel them. Your face holds the power and the energy to make people feel comfortable and welcome…or not. The choice is yours. The choice is entirely yours.


Here is a Bonus Reminder: If you think that people care about your problems or understand why you are in a bad mood, I’ll let you in on a little secret. They don’t.

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