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Avid Travel With Britton Frost – Photography Tips & Tricks

This week on Avid Travel With Britton Frost, Mike Louagie joins us to give some tips on photography – specifically while cruising.

One of the most frustrating parts of a trip can be trying to photograph every moment in order to share it with family and friends back home. Especially when you look back to your photos and they’re blurry, something is in the way, or simply put – they’re bad. The introduction of smart phones and digital cameras countered some of these problems, as we are now able to see our photos in real time, but sometimes photos seem to be lackluster.

Mike is a professional photographer with a passion for expedition travel. So I brought him on the podcast to share some of his insights on how to make vacation photographs sparkle. We discussed what type of equipment is needed to take good photos, the best photography subjects for beginners, and more.

© Mike Louagie

Mike’s most surprising piece of advice when it came to taking pictures while traveling? Sometimes it’s best to put the camera down and live in the moment. The moment should come first, and the photo should come after. The best photographs provoke feeling and emotions in others. And how can you do that if you’re simply pointing and shooting at everything you can find?

You can find Mike’s work on both his Instagram and his website.

Instagram: @mikelouagie

Website: https://louagie.be

Listen below.

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