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Bali: Simply Paradise

In southeastern Asia, there is an island considered to be a true paradise by many. A place that wins so many awards in the travel industry, this article would run a bit too long to list them. The coasts are an immaculate example of where white sand meets tropical water. Where tiered temples accent lush jungles, stand in the reflections of tranquil waters. This island is Bali, a place that is wholly its own unique culture but welcomes the traveler with open arms and utopian sunsets.


One such example of Bali’s traditional beauty is the Ubud Royal Palace, along with the temple known as Puri Saren Agung. This well-kept area is the center of traditional art, dance and culture in Bali. The stone palace and temple are places to witness more than a few of Bali’s past come to modern life. Balinese dancers act out dramatic stories in the evenings through dance and music, garbed in gold dress with colorful accents. Also the town of Ubud, opposite the palace compound, is the Ubud market. This market is a good place to find many local handmade wares, such as woven bags and hats, ornate jewelry and other item that will forever remind the traveler of their trip to paradise. And, when done there, there’s the Ubud Monkey Forest to visit. This forest is home to approximately 700 long-tailed macaque monkeys that freely roam the conservation grounds and temple. This Hindu temple is the spitting image of what people imagine a sacred space hidden away in the forest to be.


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The midlands of Bali differ from the coasts and south-central Ubud area. In Mengwi, the traveler will find another famed temple of Bali—the Pura Taman Ayun. This complex also features multi-tiered shrines on a gorgeous landscape surround by a moat with lily pads floating on its serene surface. Not as wild as the Ubud area, there are a few museums to take in for those looking to seek knowledge about Bali’s history. Southern Mengwi also features a black sand beach known for its surfing. The central highlands around the village of Bedugal are a must-see in the area as well. The natural beauty will stun the traveler. From waterfalls to its three lakes, mountains are visible all around the traveler. One of the highlights is the Ulun Danu temple, which is built on small islands around a lake called Lake Bratan.

Bali is a wonderland of sights and experiences, a place that will create the greatest of memories for the traveler to relive in alluring detail. Not easily forgotten, or even easily departed from, this paradise is home to the heart of beauty of in this world. Scenic and full of lush life, Bali should be on the top of every traveler’s list. Which is why wants to take the traveler around this magical land, and show them the very best of Bali.

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