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Break out of any sales slump with these five tips

Face it. We all have slumps. For me, it is right now. Most of my clients are planning on traveling over the summer with their kids and the plans are made, deposits are a thing of the past and I sit here waiting for travel dates so I can get paid. I know it is a temporary lull and not really a slump, but we need to get over it. At some point, we are all here. So, how to get over the hump? Here are five suggestions for you! And they’re really pretty simple!

  1. Stay positive. Your negative mindset is likely to kill all sales. It’s a slump! This too shall pass. Stay upbeat because no one likes to buy travel from Schleprock.
  2. Get creative. If you are in a slump and the same old thing is not working, stop doing the same old thing! Change things up a bit. I recall an agent that took booth space a an outdoors expo (you know, hunting, fishing, and rubbing deer pee on you to attract deer). Guess who now sells more hunting lodge trips to the West than anyone else east of the Mississippi?
  3. Solve a problem. See if you can identify the problem for your slump and try to solve it. If advertising is not working, change to a different platform. Are your blog posts being ignored, try a podcast. Don’t sit there. Move.
  4. Listen. To truly understand what our customers want and need, we must actively listen to them. Remember that old adage—two ears, one mouth? Listen to what your clients are telling you. Not what they are saying. Often it is two different things.
  5. Follow up. In sex, “no” means “no”—period. In sales, “no” really means “not right now.” Studies have shown that you likely will follow up with someone 5 to 7 times before they consider a purchase. What is your follow up strategy? Do you have one? If not, see point #3.

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