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Don’t Worry Be Happy

Talk is very inexpensive, as we all know. Some even refer it to being “cheap.” By and large, people are quick to “say” that they are happy, but it has been my personal observation that this is not necessarily the case. In a recent article in Florida’s Sun Sentinel Sunday Newspaper this topic caught my attention.

The writer Rex Huppke summed up his thoughts by writing, “I’m making a personal plea to business owners, bosses and managers to consider the importance of happiness.” He then recommended: “Don’t focus on boosting employee morale simply as a sneaky way of squeezing more work and loyalty out of employees. Do it because it is the right thing to do.”

There is a novel thought…doing what is right at the cost of all the other options. Mr. Huppke wrapped things up with, “A better workplace fosters a better workforce, and that makes clients happier, makes the community healthier and generally makes the world better. If you do good, it’s a reasonable bet that good will follow.”

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This all makes good sense to me, except for the answer to, ‘how does one accomplish this?’ I have always said that motivation was a do-it-to-yourself proposition. You as manager, owner or boss can’t motivate anybody. And I am not sure if you have the power or the skill to make your employees happy.

What you can do is hire employees who have a little personality coming in. You can provide them direction and training, and then allow them to put their own “seasoning” into the mix. You can ask for their opinion and applaud their accomplishments. Money is important. Feeling valuable is more important.

Let’s toss all our good intentions aside. To tell you the truth, I like your little jelly belly and chances are your relatives really would prefer that you don’t contact them more this year. Let’s focus on getting our organizations doing the happy dance before it is too late.

Don’t worry. Get happy!


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