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Salta & Jujy with Borello Travel & Tours

The northwest corner of Argentina is an area often overlooked by travelers. A historic region full of natural sites and views to keep the traveler in wonder of nature’s splendor. This region is made up of the Salta and Jujuy provinces. Here, where the cities meet the mountains, subtropical forests, and arid plateaus, the traveler will find a colorful getaway to the north of Argentina. Today’s article is brought to you by Borello Travel & Tours.

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Salta & Jujuy, Argentina


Salta & Jujuy with Borello Travel & Tours


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  • At the foothills of the Andes Mountains is the city of Salta, in the province of Salta, nicknamed Salta la Linda (Salta the beautiful). It sits in the Lerma Valley, where it was founded in 1582. The city has attractions that date back to the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Architecture around Salta shows that is the most Spanish influenced city in Argentina, unlike the more European-style cities of the south. The Salta Cathedral is a prime example of the colonial look of Salta, a Roman Catholic structure with light colors and the columned simplicity of colonial Spanish. Another historic building is the Cabildo de Salta, a two-floor structure that once served as the town hall. The Cabildo is now a museum to check out which, along with the Museum of high Mountain Archaeology and the Museum of Contemporary Art, make for an interesting study in Salta’s history. Salta is a city with modern conveniences and traditional sites that prove a great setting for a visit.


Cathedral Basilica of Salta at night – Salta, Argentina


  • Also in the Salta province, to the south, is Cafayate. A well-known wine region, this city boasts a small-town feeling that is surround by natural beauty. Founded in 1840, Cafayate is famous for the Calchaquies Valley and the quality wines that it produces. The most popular of these is a dry, white wine called torrontes. Though there are reds produced such as malbec, cabernet sauvignon, and tannat. Wine tastings for the traveler are a good way to relax and enjoy the sight of valleys and mountains in the backdrop. Speaking of mountains, the traveler will find many outdoor activities around the valley. Hiking and horseback riding through Calchaqui trails are delightful ways to experience the ancient and rust-painted mountains around the area. Not only that, but due to the high-altitude and clear skies the starry sky above Cafayate showcases a panorama of stars above it.


Vineyards in Cafayate, Argentina


  • To the very northwest of Argentina is the Jujuy province. The natural sites in this region are many. The Salinas Grandes, a salt flat that seems that stretches a massive 525 square km, creates an illusion of infinity ending in the nearby mountain ranges. Nearby Cerro de los Siete Colores (Seven Colored hill) is a drastic change from the large expanse of salt. As the name suggests, the hill displays seven different colors in its layers: pink, white, purple, purple-brown, brown, green, and yellow. Next to this colorful site is the town of Purmamarca, a quaint town worth checking out. A step up from the seven colors, the Hornocal Hills is much larger and features layer upon layer of colors on ridges. Especially since they are also known as the 14 colors mountains.


Serranias del Hornocal, wide colored mountains, Argentina


Jujuy and Salta provinces are home to largely overlooked attractions and activities for the traveler who is looking for a different kind of experience from the normal Argentina tours. From colorful mountains, to quaint towns and villages, to excellent wine tasting—the northwest regions of Argentina provide fantastic opportunities for the traveler to go beyond the usual.

Argentina’s Northern Wine country and natural beauties 

Grace Cafayate is the place to discover your passions with unique experiences to fill your appetite with culture, gastronomy, adventures, romance and the special grapes only found in this region. Whether your passion is discovering the local culinary scene with a lesson of open fire cooking methods or a ride through the spectacular scenery of northwest Argentina with a gaucho, each experience is designed to create a memorable journey leaving you feeling enriched and inspired. End your journey visiting the enchanted city of Salta with a magnificent tour in a city with beautiful architecture and the High-Altitude Archaeology with amazing findings from the Inca culture.

Take a step back into Argentine history with all the amenities of true estancia

The region around Salta is blessed with impressive natural wonders and small towns that seem frozen in time; visit the Humahuaca Gorge, a deep canyon carved out by the river, admire the uniquely colored rock formations and hills that dot the landscape. Escape to a 400-year-old country estancia owned by the Arias family to immerse yourself in a working ranch with Gauchos.  Take part in a plethora of activities such as horseback riding, trekking, biking, nature watching and ranch cattle round ups. Explore the spectacular Salt Flats in the Humahuaca Gorge that transport you to another world. Gaze upon the Cerro de Los Siete Colores (Seven Colored Hills). Discover Pucará de Tilcara, an old pre-Colombian aborigine stronghold partially rebuilt and the Historic Museum of the Province in front of the main square with an interesting Inca art. Take in the spectacle of the 14 colored mountains know as the Hornocal Hills, one of the most spectacular colored mountains in the region.

Breathtaking Colors of Northern Argentina

The most northwestern corner of Argentina around Salta and Jujuy boasts many spectacular natural attractions; colorful mountains, deep gorges, expansive salt plains, and striking rock formations. Visit rustic mountain villages that seem frozen in time, with ancient adobe constructions, important archeological sites, and charming colonial architecture. Salta is the starting point for a magnificent tour in a city with beautiful architecture and the High-Altitude Archaeology with amazing findings from the Inca culture. Explore the spectacular Salt Flats in the Humahuaca Gorge that transport you to another world. Gaze upon the Cerro de Los Siete Colores (Seven Colored Hills).

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