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Simple Summer Social Tips

Are you trying to stay on top of social marketing AND enjoy summer? Don’t let the beach bump your social marketing to the back burner.

Here’s two quick social marketing questions that are HOT topics in our industry, along with quick tips you can use right now to grow your marketing—while not missing out on the pleasures of summer.


Q1 – How Can I Reach the RIGHT Fans?

How can I market to people who are really interested? I don’t want to pay to advertise to people who are not ‘warm’ leads.

A1 – Easy!

Imagine this: Being able to reach out to people who went from Facebook to your website to check out your last blog? Sounds challenging, but it’s super easy!

Let’s say you’ve just created and posted a new blog on Facebook about your top selling destination. You got tons of Facebook users who clicked thru to read your blog on your website! Woohoo!

Next, you’d love to show those people a new video of that same destination. But, how do you reconnect with those fans?

It’s easy to work that kind of magic when you have your Facebook pixel installed! That’s right…using your pixel, you can track Facebook fans who read that specific blog post and then create an ad audience that includes just those fans! Then you can show that video to those people! Talk about showing people just what they want to read. They’ll think you’re a mind reader! So cool!

You can also set up different audiences to target different types of business. For example, you can create an ad audience for people who read your wedding planning blog post, a different audience of people who watched your cruise tips video. The options are as endless as your imagination and niche marketing strategies.

Dive into your Ads Manager account and check out the options for Website Engagement as well as Custom Audiences!

What a great way to build stronger relationships with your fans by showing them the information that matters to them.

Go ahead and dive into your pixel & custom audiences today.

Here’s more about the value of setting up your Facebook pixel:



Q2 – How can I get more people to see my social posts?

I’m finding that my social posts aren’t getting the ‘likes, comments and shares’ that they used to? What’s going on?

A2 – Dive into Video! Go Live!

Video is the best way to get more engagement and it helps you build stronger relationships with your fans. Plus, Facebook and other social platforms give you ‘brownie points’ for posting video by showing your video to more people than would organically see an image or link post.

Not crazy about hitting the ‘Go Live’ button? If this sounds familiar, here’s a couple of tips to master your next live broadcast:

  • Tip #1 – Ask questions to get your audience involved. Ideas here
  • Tip #2 – 31 Video Content ideas here
  • Tip #3 – Master the fear & gear of video with these tips
  • Tip #4 – tune in below for prep tips before you go live. Make sure your videos stand out!



Boating, hiking, swimming, sunning, patio-ing or biking. Go ahead, enjoy summer knowing that you have your social marketing on the right track with these easy tips.


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