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The coasts of the Aegean Sea are widely known for their sun-soaked and relaxing atmosphere, but in the South Aegean lies one of the most popular: Santorini. Many images the traveler sees when they look up a trip to the Greek islands are of the bleached homes terraced atop rocky cliffs, turquoise blue water, and sunsets that make hearts melt into a romantic goo. From chic hotels to spectacular views, Santorini has a cure for travelers looking for an amazing getaway. Today’s 60-Second Geography is brought to you by Celestyal Cruises.

60-Second Geography

Santorini, Greece


Santorini with Celestyal Cruises


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  • Santorini sits near the bottom of the Cyclades, a group of islands extending southward from Greece. Officially called Thira, or Thera, the island was once an active volcano that erupted almost 3,600 years ago. In fact, this eruption is said to be tied to the legend of Atlantis. Post-eruption, where almost the entire center of the island collapsed into the sea, the remaining outer ring of the island became home to settlers again after the Bronze Age (3,000 BC to 1,200 BC). The principal city of the island is now Firá.




  • Pictures of Firá are where the common images of Santorini come from. White-washed houses sitting atop cliffs that are over 1,300 feet tall, the houses behind rising above the ones in front—as if a choir ready to sing to the sea. When not admiring the once-in-a-lifetime view, the traveler can explore the narrow streets of Firá to discover a whole new world. This town, atop a caldera, hosts many bars, chic hotels, and restaurants serving up delicious Greek cuisine. These establishments often have balconies and terraces that look out into the majestic seas and other islands around Santorini.




  • Other towns in Santorini provide the traveler with a few more options. The towns of Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani have a similar feel to Firá—whitewashed houses terraced on cliffs and offering up stunning views. Other smaller villages dotted throughout the island have their own traditional feel. Vineyards spanning through the island can be visited, their fresh yield tasted while enjoying the day. Archaeological sites around Santorini are a great way to see the art of ancient Greece, and the influence Greek culture has had on the world as we know it.




From the blazing sunsets over the Aegean to the ever-present amazing views, to the culinary excitement of Greek food, Santorini is a hot destination for a reason. A place full of visual delight that is relaxing and exciting all at once, it can be reached easily on a cruise that takes the traveler to the island of Santorini and—often hopping to a few other destinations as well—will hit the spot and take away the worries they will have soon left behind.

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