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Whiskey For My Men, And Beer For My Horses!

Some of you might recognize this as the title of a Toby Keith song. It leads me to the first of three nuggets I would like to share with you today.


Titles in articles and newspaper columns do get attention. The same goes for the subject you choose to write in the Subject Box in your emails. Don’t gloss over these important areas of your marketing communications. Don’t get hokey, but definitely don’t pass over them in haste to get your message out.

MESSAGE: Think Headlines. Give this element of your communication ample time and thought. They are important.


Once upon a time the winner of the PGA Honda Golf Championship won by a single stroke. 271 vs 272. The one shot difference translated into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each of these 271 shots carried the same weight as the next. Drives, pitches, putts and mid-iron shots all carried the same value whether the ball flew 300 yards or traveled 3 inches. Every shot counted. Think about it…and then use your imagination when connecting the lesson to your work.

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MESSAGE: Every shot counts. You take them one at a time. They all have equal weight and value. Concentrate on your next shot. The scorecard will take care of itself.


One year, Kurt Busch won a NASCAR race at Atlanta Motor Speedway by .332 seconds after racing 500 miles for a little over three hours. (.332 seconds.) That’s competition. That’s not only the racing game. That’s your game.

Where do you think he picked up the time? The straight-a-ways? The corners? The pits? In planning meetings days leading up to the race?

MESSAGE: It ain’t over til it’s over. The winner is never that much better, faster, or smarter than the next guy/gal. Just keep driving. Don’t tailgate.

The story goes that Toby Keith spotted Willie Nelson at a cocktail party and TK asked Willie if he would sing a song with him on his new CD. Willie blew him off by saying, “Send a demo to my manager.” Upon leaving the party, Willie asked Toby what the title of the song was?

When Toby replied, “Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.” Willie quickly replied, “I’m in.” Ah! The power of the title, headline, subject box.


THE OVERALL MESSAGE: Save the good beer for your horses. Take each day one at a time. One call at a time; One customer and prospect at a time.

And I’ll see you at the finish line.

Mike Marchev

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