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Mykonos: Beaches, Views, and Fun

Mykonos. It is the glimmer and glamour of the Mediterranean, a gorgeous getaway in the Cycladic Islands. Images of crisp white and blue radiate in the summer sun, while the seas and beaches invite the traveler to stay awhile. The view from restaurants is divine and the partying top-notch. There are plenty of reasons Mykonos remains a popular destination. Today’s Outpost article is brought to you by CTS Fares.

With a population dating back to 3000 BCE, Mykonos has been part of a few empires that rose and fell as time marched on. Now, it stands part of an independent Greece and ready to receive the traveler into the warm atmosphere of sun and local friendliness. The twenty-five beaches and average summer temperature of 82°F   might be the main reasons to visit Mykonos, but the traveler will find much more than this.

The main event on the island of Mykonos is the city of Chora. Chora’s homes and businesses are the iconic blue and white that one conjures up, with maze-like streets that lead to a multitude of restaurants, bars, and clubs – most with views of the sea along the tiered city. The day may be full of relaxing in the sun or enjoying Greek cuisines, but the night offers up a different experience. The nightlife during the tourist season (April to October) resembles that of Ibiza, drinks flow and bass thumps as the party goes well into dawn.

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This LGBTQ+ friendly city welcomes all to the perfect summer destination. From fun in the sun, to the island views, to letting loose at night – Mykonos excites. The 300 days of sunshine a year are calling, and CTS Fares can help with the perfect flight itinerary to get the traveler there. With a booking engine that serves travel agents well, CTS Fares has discounts with over 100+ airlines and lets the agent customize these itineraries with B2B2C and an agency logo.

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