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No Excuses!

Batters miss pitches. Receivers miss catches. Tall basketball guys miss free-throw shots. Singers fail to make the cut. Actors don’t always get the role. Talented people don’t get hired. The best proposal does not always win. Sales professionals miss deals. And you too, will fall short at whatever it is you do from time to time.

From yoga practitioners to the ski slope heroes, from the classroom to the boardroom, people have, do, and will continue to fail on occasion. And when they do the rank and file (those tethered to mediocrity) will dig into their excuse ditty-bag and begin boring us all to tears with all the “reasons why.”

I am reminded of an important lesson I learned quite a few years ago from an Italian Olympic skier who went by the name of Alberto Tomba. At these particular games he was a lock for the gold in the Men’s Downhill when approaching the starting gate. Within 14 milliseconds, or the time it took to scream “Santo sgombro,” his left ski dug an edge and he shot straight into the snow fence just before he managed do a perfect face plant in the mesh netting.

Now out of the race, he skied down the hill at a leisurely pace only to be greeted by an ABC Wide World of Sports TV commentator. (Remember, he was supposed to position himself on the medal stand high above the other two.) “Alberto, you were a lock for gold, what happened?” asked the inquisitive commentator.

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Alberto looked straight into the camera and replied, “I fell.” He then unapologetically skied away probably to order himself a cold one at the nearest Bud House.

I place that TV moment right up there with (1) The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, (2) Fonzi jumping the shark, and (3) Yogi Berra inventing the pole dance as he jubilantly climbed onboard Don Larsen on October 8th 1956.

I will always remember Alberto’s response. No excuses. No apologies. Just the facts as they unfolded on that particular day.

The great ones pick themselves up. Dust themselves off. And start all over again.

Note: I apologize to those who have no idea what my TV moments referred to. All I can say is you were born a tad too late.

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