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Protect yourself with Online Payment Processing with No Website Needed

National Transaction Corporation (NTC) has been proudly serving the travel industry with offering professional and customized payment services for over 25 years and has just renewed its 15 year partnership with ASTA. We are a full service merchant account provider with extensive experience in the travel arena and related markets, servicing thousands of travel-related merchant accounts by specializing in non-cash electronic transactions. Traditionally, travel-related merchants have a difficult time obtaining merchant accounts. Travel environments are unique in that your transactions are usually keyed; there is almost always a delayed delivery period, and large ticket transactions are not uncommon since one card holder may be paying for multiple tickets. They also tend to be seasonal, with peak season months generating an unusual spike in their “average” monthly volume, and chargeback’s pose a potential threat by travelers who are unable to complete their trip. Combine even a few of these factors together and you have cause for a reserve, or even account termination. National Transaction Corp specializes in understanding what makes your transactions unique, as a travel agent, and how they affect your merchant account.

To help our Travel agents secure their fees faster and safer, NTC has developed an electronic invoicing system to help ease the pain of being paid. NTC has just released a new electronic invoicing payment solution that is exclusive to our customers, NTCe-Pay. With NTCepay, our top-of-the-line invoice software, you are able to manage your invoices with ease. No website is required. We can automate your billing and automate your collection. It’s extremely easy to use with security at its heart. You, the customer, are our top priority, and your finances will be protected. It can be used on Mobile or Desktop, and you can text or email invoices from wherever you are, at any time. Reliable, timely payments mean a better cash flow for your business. We take pride in making your life easier and getting your money to you faster. You simply e-mail invoices which include a link to pay or post a payment link on your social media so you can get paid faster, easier, and more securely. NTCePay is a great way to invoice for custom trips and allows you to include a secure link to pay right on the invoice. The card holder simply clicks to pay, acknowledges your policies/terms and conditions and enters their credit card information. You no longer need to worry about leaving credit card data unsecured via email or phone. You will receive the payment in your bank account within 2-3 business days, or sooner if you are signed up for our next day funding service.

Benefits of using NTCePay for your Electronic Invoicing needs:


Your security is of utmost importance to us, so we will do everything in our power to keep your information safe. We have a PCI DSS Compliant payment form that puts cardholder data directly into the payment gateway and the liability with the bank, not the merchant. We also have a High Strength Encryption which stops hacking attempts in their tracks, keeping your finances safe and sound.

Invoicing and Payments

Every invoice paid means more money earned for your business. You can quick send invoices and create links with an associated dollar amount that can easily be emailed. It contains details such as taxes, payment terms, and invoice items. This is the easiest way to get your customer to pay because of our links. It also contains advanced invoices for line item details and selling items from inventory. This makes it easier for the customer to find the items they want to buy. It also generates PDF invoices, giving you a variety of choices. PDF invoices are an easy way to store your invoices in your computer and an easy way to view them in general.

Payment Notifications

As soon as you get paid, we let you know. In fact, we let you know when anything involving your money happens, so you can take steps accordingly to protect your money and to earn money.

Invoice Automation

There is no need to buy hardware or any type of software for us. We have that all taken care of, so there are no prerequisites with joining us. Our invoice automations allow you to access invoices electronically, eliminating multiple risks about handwritten invoices. It allows you to organize your invoices easier, and it helps reduce the risk of errors on invoices. Human error is a factor that has always existed, but invoice automation will tremendously help reduce the chance of error.

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Viewing Your Transactions

When you make your transactions, we give you full access to them. You can see and view details about your transactions any time you want. This reduces risks by letting you know all the details about your invoices. Having access to your transactions not only helps you, but your customers as well.

Get Paid Faster

Having the customer pay from the emails makes paying you much simpler, making your life easier! Our priority is to get you your money, as fast as possible.

Ticketing & Redemption

Sell tickets to live events and redeem them at the entrance. It can be any type of ticket, from sporting events to concerts. The variety of live events across the world is vast, so you have multiple options. Selling tickets and redeeming them is a viable way to gain revenue, and we have made it simple and easy to do.

Social Posting/Marketing

Social media has become a premier way to advertise and market your business. You can create postable links that lead to a detail page and buying opportunities. You can directly post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others as well as your own website. This will help you get your business exposure in one of the biggest possible markets in the world.

Shopping Cart

If you go shopping on any website for a store, they will most likely have a shopping cart on their website. The same can be said for us. We have a full shopping cart to sell inventory with infinite subcategories. There is no need for a shopping cart on your website because we have that handled. But if you want, a shopping cart can be easily integrated into your website, so the choice is yours. Our shopping cart mechanism is very similar to a shopping cart on many shopping websites, like eBay, Walmart, and other websites similar to those.

Multi-User with Granular Control

Managing your invoices by yourself can be a difficult and complicated task. That’s why having your own team can be helpful and makes managing your invoices much easier. Here, you will have full control over your sales team. You can create users with only the permissions you allow, giving you the control and allowing you to decide what you want them to be able to do. You can use your control to build a team that you want in a way that you want. We give you the power to do what you want with your users. Build a team that will help you achieve your goals.


If you have any questions or concerns along the way, communication with us is easy. We will be with you if have any trouble or problems, because you are our top priority. We take great pride in our support. Whether it’s a question about your account or about us, you can always communicate with us in-app, or by email. Any question that you may have is valid with us. There are no wrong questions, and we will answer any that you have.

For more information please contact National Transaction Corporation today at (888)996-2273 or email us at

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