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Realize You Can’t Be All Things To All People

Customer Service Wisdom #5:

Realize with your entire intelligent being that you can’t be all things to all people.

Just like one size can’t fit all, one service provider can’t be the best solution for the masses. And still, the majority of people in the travel industry often try to be this “super person.”

After clearly identifying and coming to grips with what your personal strengths are and what you enjoy doing, define the characteristics of your ideal customer. Build a profile for each and begin searching for prospects who fit these traits.

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Make “profiling” a good thing. Focus all your energy on finding more people who satisfy these criteria. Make a game of it. Have fun looking. You simply can’t waste time on prospects and customers who are not willing or qualified to contribute to your eating habits. This is not a “bad” thing. This is the key to your survival. Become the solution to the chosen few.

One last thought: “Your customer is my prospect.” By definition I will find more energy trying to “sell” to your clients than you will muster up to “keep” your customers. Consider yourself “warned.”

Mike Marchev

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