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Santa Cruz Island with Marnella Tours

In the center of the Galapagos Islands is the place where Darwin set up shop to formulate the theory of evolution. Santa Cruz Island, the second largest island in the archipelago with Puerto Ayora as its capital. It is a paradise, its beaches teeming with wildlife. That’s why Marnella Tours sponsored today’s article.

60-Second Geography

Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador


Santa Cruz with Marnella Tours


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  • On the southern shore of the island is Puerto Ayora, the capital and most populous city in the Galapagos Islands. Though, even with this, it has a little more than 12,000 inhabitants; this gives a smaller, quainter feel. Located on the shore of Academy Bay, it receives a breeze that cools and presents more pleasant weather. Along the main road through the city, the traveler will find the basics of a smaller city. Puerto Ayora is the center of conservation efforts in the Galapagos, with both the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park within its boundaries. From the docks along the Academy bay, the traveler can find yachts, fishing boats, and boats to ferry them that will ferry them to another island.


Aerial view of the small town of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


  • Just a short walk, or quick water taxi, from the center of Puerto Ayora is Tortuga Bay. The beach is massive and preserved for marine iguanas, Galapagos crabs, brown pelicans, and the gigantic Galapagos tortoise. Though swimming is forbidden along most of the beach (to protect the natural habitat), the traveler can still walk along the beach witnessing the animals in the most natural of habitats. But, for those want to go for a swim, there is a cove along the beach that is the only area to take a dip. A fantastic way to spend a day in pure nature.


Aerial view of the famous Tortuga Bay next to the town of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. Puerto Ayora is the most populous town in the Galapagos Islands, the population is about 15000 people.


  • Though 97% of the land area around the Galapagos Islands is considered a national park, the Charles Darwin station is considered the center off maintaining the safety and purity of the natural environment. The station is located near the center of Puerto Ayora. Travelers can visit the station to get a glimpse of the important work being done for conservation. For instance, educational exhibits and displays that inform people of the dangers of introducing new species to the islands and shells from different tortoises. Along with educational experiences, those wanting to see how the station is raising smaller tortoises can take a tour – as well as full-grown ones. Even stopping occasionally to take a selfie with the gentle giants.




Santa Cruz Island is not only a gorgeous place with a slower pace, but also ground zero for conservation efforts around the world. A place nature is in the forefront of every experience, Santa Cruz lets the traveler revel in the beautiful sight of life and the protection of its inhabitants – while enjoying perfect beaches.

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