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Take Off Your Training Wheels

This is the second of seven articles in a series titled Discover Your Group Niche. You will be able find the others in our Point-to-Point section.

As a kid I loved pedaling around in my Big Wheel. This three-wheeled tricycle had low proximity to the ground and kept me safe (even when we’d play bang-up derby).

I can’t recall when Dad graduated me to the two-wheel bike but I do remember teaching my kids. I am not sure who was more terrified! Running alongside and then letting them go was a true test of faith.

After a bit of trepidation from the kids, they eventually wobbled their way to stability — and never looked back. You and I no longer ride Big Wheels or bikes with training wheels. We get up and go because we are confident we can.

Are you running your business with training wheels on? Are you perpetually stuck in training mode despite all the webinars, conferences you’ve attended and the bookings you’ve made successfully?

In my thirty odd years of travel industry immersion I have met too many highly talented entrepreneurs who are running no-growth businesses — when success is just around the corner.

They keep convincing themselves that they’re not quite ready. As a motivational speaker and business coach I encourage them to Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, as Dr. Susan Jeffers teaches us. Fear is the anchor holding them in place (and it is imagined).

Need inspiring? In the recent Group Sales Success Summit 2 we heard about Holly’s fearless path towards chartering an entire river cruise ship, Shannon’s declaration of destination wedding expertise (slightly before she actually was), Deb’s courage to ‘put herself in opportunity’s way’ and discovering treasure in the wellness category, and Debra’s tremendous grit enabling people with disabilities to travel the world (after enduring her own personal life-changing event).

You can take a deep breath — I am not convincing you to ride a unicycle! In EXPERT SECRETS we learn, “You don’t have to be the most knowledgeable person in the world on your topic [or niche], you just have to be one chapter ahead of the people you’re helping.”

Don’t think this group niche practice requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. Rather, step into your new comfort zone. (That is a more positive outlook).

If you are reading my words that proves you are ready to roll. (Others abandoned the concept of mastering a niche after reading tip one).

After a bit of trepidation, you will eventually wobble your way to stability — and never look back.


Stuart Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer at StuartLloydCohen.com

If you can think big, Stuart will help you do big! An accomplished 28-year travel industry executive turned serial solopreneur, Stuart is a creator of brands and an energizing motivational speaker. He motivates & maximizes personal performance in leadership, entrepreneurship, salesmanship & wellness.

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