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Too Many Choices

“Too many choices.” That was the headline of the article I read on page 14 of the AARP Bulletin. (This is a weekly news “rag” for fossils and fossils-in-training.)

The subhead read, “From cookies to cell phones and dog food to discount drug cards, Americans are finding that more is less.” Translation: There are just too many choices.

I knew this ever since I focused on the choices we have in hand soap, or the products we have to choose from to put an end to a simple headache. I could have written this article ten years ago. In a word: Incredible. In a second word: Confusing. Want another word? Frustrating.

Want a cracker? You have no fewer than eighty-five types to choose from. How about a cookie? You have two hundred and thirty-seven varieties of cookies. Have a headache? Are eighty pain relievers enough? Want to invest your birthday money? You have thousands of mutual funds to mull over. Got a phone? There are hundreds of cell phones coupled to dozens of calling plans to drive you to that aspirin due to your materializing headache. Get the picture?

What the world does not need are more choices. We’ve got choices. We just don’t know how to make a choice. What we need today more than ever is for someone who can help us make the right choice. Why? Because we have too much stuff. It is impossible for any of us to perform the necessary due diligence to make an educated decision these days, with or without the help of cyber space.

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But enough about AARP. Let’s talk about you. Regardless of your industry or lot in life, I am sure your prospects and customers are faced with a plethora of choices. And I don’t believe they are particularly enthralled with this freedom. In fact, I think today’s consumer is itching to find a person they can trust who comes equipped with the right combination of skills and knowledge, who can help them make a proper decision.

Are you the person the world is looking for? Can you become that person? Do you want to be that person? If not, why not? The world is looking for you.

Consumers are walking around with migraines created by your products and services. We don’t know what’s best for us, and many of us don’t enjoy doing more than a minute or two of web browsing. (Did somebody suggest research?)

This human fact (shortcoming) makes for a giant opportunity for those who know what they are talking about. And that means you! (I hope!)

I don’t want to rewrite the AARP article but it goes on to say, “Even though choice may enable people to improve their lives by some objective measure — it often makes them feel worse. This may help explain why there has been a 75 percent increase in Americans being treated for clinical depression over the last 25 years.”

Why don’t you make up your mind to be the solution person when it comes to your industry. Earn my trust and deserve my business. Be the best. Bring me “easy.”

Mike Marchev

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