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You Have A Dual Purpose

I remember it like it happened yesterday. Even seasoned travelers like myself have a bag full of embarrassing war stories.

This particular episode came into play as I forgot my passport while traveling to Toronto. Although not a life or death scenario, it did highlight the propensity for squared away individuals (like myself) to fall prey to the human element of stupidity.

I blamed nobody but myself for this time consuming and somewhat expensive faux pas. But if I had a travel agent who was not frightened to remind me to pack my socks, tie, toothbrush, and my Passport – I would have been sharing a different message today.

I wish to remind all travel professionals today that you have a dual purpose in your business. One of your responsibilities is to research, find, and record my travel reservations and ticketing documents as they pertain to the overall success of my travels away from the comforts of my own home. The other (and perhaps the more important of the two,) is to prepare me as best you can for the unknown travel snafu lurking out there in the real world.

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Most agents come up short with part two because they are embarrassed to remind clients of the obvious… like remembering to bring one’s passport when crossing borders into neighboring countries.

I assure you, there is not a blue-suited, nicely coiffed, well attired business woman or man in North America today (or in Canada – or anywhere for that matter) who hasn’t shot him or herself in the foot by failing to remember the obvious at some point in their career.

Be the exception. Talk to your clients. Dumb things down if you must. Remind them of the obvious. One day, I promise you, they will thank you for it.

Mike Marchev

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