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Your Customer is Your Competitor’s Prospect

Customer Service Wisdom Tip #1:

For the next five days, I am going to remind us of some important Customer Service Wisdom to improve your relationship with your current clients and cultivate a few new ones.

Your customer is your competitor’s prospect.

In most instances, more energy is expended towards acquiring new accounts than it is for maintaining current relationships. We all seem to want more these days: one TV is not enough, one car is not enough, one yearly vacation is not enough. There seems to always be something else we have in our sights. What we have never seems to satisfy. More… more… more.

And so it is with business. We want “more” customers and we are willing to fight for them, even at the expense of what we already have.

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My next customer (my current prospect) is your customer. And I am willing to work harder to land that next account than you are to maintain your current relationship.

Don’t become lazy and shortsighted. Don’t make this mistake. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Cement meaningful relationships now today.

Keep the wolves away from your treasured accounts. Update your customer relationships now.

Mike Marchev

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