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Brussels with Brussels Airlines

Brussels, the capital of Belgium is full of life and there are lots of things to do in this multicultural, dynamic and open city. From the history and art that fill its many museums, to the beer and bars that make its nightlife famous, the city has an energy and atmosphere that makes it the perfect getaway destination. Attractions include the Grand Place, an iconic square full of gold-gilt buildings and awe-inspiring architecture, the Delirium café, a basement bar pouring more than 2000 different kinds of beers, many parks offering beautiful views and peaceful surroundings, the Atomium with its impressive structure made up of nine huge, stainless steel spheres and finally the European Quarter with its famous landmarks such as the European Parliament and Commission buildings.

Through Brussels Airlines program “Belgium Stopover”, travelers can take advantage of free one-to-five-day pit stops in one of 17 other Belgian cities such as Gent, Antwerp and Bruges and choose out of more than 50 free activities. Fly comfortably in the brand-new Business class, Premium Economy class or Economy class, designed as a “boutique hotel in the air” and inspired by Belgian Art Nouveau. Business Class features include a Belgian walk-up bar, full flatbeds and a 5-course meal designed by Belgian Michelin Star chefs. Book your flights departing daily from New York, Washington D.C. and Toronto with Brussels Airlines today to explore the capital of Europe! Located in the heart of the city centre, the Grand Place is an iconic square full of gold-gilt buildings and awe-inspiring architecture. People relax, enjoy a drink or watch one of the many street performances that take place there. Besides the other bars and nightclubs sprawling along an entire alley, the Delirium café is the perfect place to try one of 2000 or more beers. The Parc de Bruxelles, Parc Leopold or Parc de Cinquantenaire offer beautiful views and peaceful surroundings. The Atomium is an impressive structure made up of nine huge, stainless steel spheres. Besides the building itself, there are exhibit halls and galleries inside, and Mini-Europe, a park of miniature European landmarks that sits at its foot. Landmarks such as the European Parliament and Commission buildings are located in the European Quarter. Finally, a day trip to Bruges or Ghent is just a short train journey from the Bruxelles-Midi train station. Bruges and Ghent offer a different, more historic side to Belgium that should not be missed!

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On your way to Belgium, experience Brussels Airlines “New Boutique Hotel in the air”, “We make the journey as important as the destination. Our brand-new cabin is designed to make every long-haul flight a memorable one. The finest materials, a Belgian walk-up bar for our Business Class guests, a beautiful design based on Belgian Art Nouveau, full flatbeds and a 5-course meal designed by Belgian Michelin Star chefs. These are the ingredients for a unique experience created to make you feel that you are flying in an exclusive boutique hotel. The Business Class compartment gives you the feeling of a cozy and exclusive cosmopolitan boutique hotel. With a “do not disturb” sign on the door of your room. Because no other passengers board through Business Class. Enjoy a comfortable seat with a large living space. Just like in a boutique hotel, you can choose between a single or a double “room”, depending on whether you are travelling alone or with a companion. The seats can be converted into a two-meter fully-flat bed and even the softness of the seat cushion can be individualized. An amenity kit created by our exclusive partner Essential Antwerp is available for all Business Class guests. Cross oceans and continents like never before and experience flying in a boutique hotel!”

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