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New Orleans with Blue-Roads Touring

New Orleans is a special place, the most unique city in the United States of America. Its history is a collage of French and Spanish, with a hint of the Caribbean. The pervading philosophy is a good time. Historic houses line oak-lined streets, while streetcar bells echo as they roll by. New Orleanians know the value of enjoying the only life we’ve been given. As they say in the Crescent City, “Laissez les bons temps rouler” – Let the good times roll. Which is why Blue-Roads Touring wants you to know all about this soulful city.

Recently celebrating its 300-year anniversary, New Orleans may be among the first settlements in US history that began the great journey west, but it has always maintained a bit of a separate identity. Being a port city for ships coming through the Gulf of Mexico and ships traveling up the mighty Mississippi River has deposited facets of many cultures. The traveler can witness this in the architecture of the historic buildings around the French Quarter and surrounding areas, ranging from Spanish to French. Add in the bright colors of houses, reminiscent of that joyful Caribbean atmosphere, and the city is a sight to take in slowly and with undivided attention.


The food. Ask anyone who has been to New Orleans about the food and you will see their face light up with ecstatic memories. Creole is the name of the game, and New Orleans has mastered it. This cuisine is a fusion of French, Spanish, West African, and Native American cuisine. Dishes with rich sauces like jambalaya and gumbo satiate the palate completely. For those looking for a quicker eat, a shrimp or oyster po’ boy sandwich hits the spot. The seafood used in the dishes are fresh from the gulf and ready to be the best part of a traveler’s day. Even the simplicity of red beans and rice, a staple that locals enjoy as well, creates an enjoyable meal. There is absolutely nothing like this mix of complicated European tastes and the simple flavors of ingenuity that soul food brings to the table.



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Of course, there’s the famous nightlife of New Orleans. Bourbon Street, running down the middle of the French Quarter, is the spot for a good time. Lined with bars and clubs blasting everything from jazz to blues to modern dance music, there are so many choices to cut loose that a night out can last well into the morning. Though, the traveler will definitely want to search out local jazz bands to get the authentic heartbeat of the city.

No other city has the excitement and originality the way new Orleans does. From ghost tours to historic sites to late night fun, there’s more than enough to see and experience. Add in some of the tastiest food in the United states, and the traveler will be almost overwhelmed by the Creole cuisine. Blue-Roads Touring has the traveler covered when it comes to seeing all that New Orleans offers up.

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