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Recap Of Last Week’s Webinar, A Q&A About River Cruising

Last week, in the first of a series, we presented a live Q&A about river cruising. If you missed the webinar, you’ll find a recording of it below. We found the webinar format to be an excellent way to connect with our readers (and river cruise company representatives – Mary Murrin from Tauck, for example, joined us live to answer a few questions).

We chose the Q&A format for our first webinar because we wanted to answer questions that were most important to our readers. A sampling of those questions are below.

  1. Are there any river cruise companies that offer “last-minute” deals on cruises, i.e., less than one month out?
  2. What river cruise line would you suggest for younger crowd? We are in our early 50s.
  3. What are essential clothes and items to pack? We are on the Danube in early September.
  4. Could you list the top 4 river cruise lines and their differences from one another?
  5. What river cruise line would you prefer for the Danube?
  6. Are most people fulfilled with the included excursions or do they book additional excursions on their own?
  7. I’m a very light sleeper. When choosing your stateroom, where would you suggest the quietest would be as far as deck and away from paddle wheel or motor?
  8. I’m wondering how much of my day will be structured. What time do the shore exursions typically start? How much time do you typically have on shore at each port?
  9. Are there several meal choices for the picky eater and if not, what cruise line has the most choices?
  10. Like ocean cruises, do you get better prices the further out you book?

We hope you can join us for our next webinar. If you are a subscriber to our weekly newsletter, you’ll receive notification two weeks in advance.

In the comments section below, please let us know what you’d like to see as the feature topic for one of our future webinars.


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