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Stop Playing The Victim

This was a chapter headline in a book I recently picked up at an airport bookstore. The title of the book was “Happiness… It Is Never Too Late.”

What does being “happy” have to do with marketing? Answer: Just about everything.

I have often suggested during seminars that in a country that has so much and is filled with people who have so much to offer, there is an over abundance of unhappy people.

Here is a direct quote:

Take a hard look at yourself. Are you a willing victim? Do you take the line of least resistance? Then blame others, or circumstances, or fate?

It’s a matter of pride and self-respect, and the respect of others. Stand up for yourself, for your rights, for your beliefs. Others will appreciate your efforts. And surprisingly, many will help you.


We are all involved in a tough, competitive, non-forgiving game at times. Making a living is no longer “a walk in the park.” But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the ride.
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I want you to get up, get out, and “do your thing.” If at all possible, you might want to try to enjoy the adventure from Monday to Friday.

Itineraries, weather, second-guessing, price checks, call backs, misinterpretations, and everything else that fits into a normal day will test your patience now and then. Hang in there. You are still working in the absolute best industry out there.

Here are six reminders:

  • Don’t seek the easy way through the week. Accept the challenges.
  • Don’t blame, excuse, or whine. Take responsibility.
  • Don’t circumvent strangers or strange opportunities. Make new acquaintances.
  • Don’t settle for being anyone but yourself. Be proud of yourself. Be kind to yourself.
  • Play the business game hard and play it smart daily.
  • Make an attempt to find the joy in the hunt whether you win or lose.

Stop playing the victim and start putting a little “happy” in your business.


Mike Marchev

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