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The Cloud Forests of Costa Rica

As one of Costa Rica’s major ecotourism destinations, Monteverde is a perfect place to witness the natural phenomenon of a cloud forest. These lush forests have suspension bridges, walkways, and ziplines in the canopies of dense trees – and often have low-lying clouds that create an amazing atmosphere of mystery and beauty. And Costa Rica Dream Adventures can get the traveler to this lovely slice of Mother Nature in one of the most pleasant countries on Earth.

Monteverde is an area of Costa Rica southwest of the iconic Arenal Volcano, in the Cordillera de Tilaran mountain range. Here, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve stands as “the jewel in the crown of cloud forest reserves”, as National Geographic once said. This 26,000-acre region is not only a magnificent rainforest with a hazy fog to enhance the surroundings, but it is also home to a diversity of species such as: deer, orchids (the most in the world), primates, migratory birds, felines, wild pigs, and even one species of porcupine. The area most visited is around the park entrance – with six main trails, totaling 13 km, that give easy access to hiking. These gorgeous forests are a wonderful adventure for all ages.

One eye-opening experience for the traveler is the Monteverde Butterfly Garden. This garden is enclosed and filled with 35 species of butterflies that surround the visitor. These four habitats not only have charming butterflies; but also beetles, tarantulas, and praying mantis. Another garden that will let the traveler see nature up-close and personal is the Hummingbird Garden in Selvatura Park. With 14 different species of hummingbird, and gorgeous floral arrangements, this garden will entice the nature photographer or travelers simply looking to rest in the relaxing ambiance.

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The small rural town outside of the cloud forests is Santa Elena. The community of this town is concerned with the balance between nature and tourism, maintaining this coexistence while welcoming the traveler. Close to the forests, and with the same namesake as the forests, Monteverde is even smaller and the gateway to the cloud forests.

The cloud forests of Monteverde are fascinating, a destination that will not disappoint the traveler. That’s why Costa Rica Dream Adventures wants to get the traveler to where earth meets the sky – and show them the heart and soul of Costa Rica’s natural allure.


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