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The Treasures of Morocco

Morocco attracts millions of travelers each year from all over the world. And we understand why! The country offers a wide range of landscapes and activities that leave tourists in awe: beaches and seaside resorts on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coasts, Atlas (mountains or dunes), wadis, oases of the desert, or the secret lanes from the medinas of beautiful cities like Fez, Tangier, Marrakech or Casablanca. All paired with the hospitality of the locals, will leave you loving Morocco and hungry for more. Today’s article is brought to you by Holidays with Downtown.

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  • Rabat The capital of Morocco has attractions of for all. Its medina contains many treasures: quieter than others like it in the country, it is made of white houses with blue shutters. Access is via the Bab EI Had or Bab EI Alou gates. Inside, there is the Kasbah of the Oudaias, built in the 12th century, and classified by UNESCO since 2012. In the rest of the city, visit the royal palace Dar-al-Makhzen, not far from the Necropolis of Chellah. To the east, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and the Hassan Tower are other jewels not to miss.
  • Tangier: The very cultural city of Tangier is separated from Spain and Europe only by the Strait of Gibraltar. Go stroll through the alleys of the medina, see the Kasbah, followed by the palace of Sultan Dar-el-Makhzen. South of Tangier, the plain of Rharb is known for bird watching, inspiration for art and quiet walks. Taking advantage of the mountains in Rif – hike through the area rich in flora, including cannabis. Finally, the coast of Tangier, Saidia, is a less crowded oasis to enjoy the sea.



  • Marrakech: Known as the pearl of the South, Marrakech is well known by tourists as a top destination with lots to offer. Start with Jemaa EI Fna square and work your way to the Medina which is the largest in the Maghreb. The excitement of the city can be seen in its colorful souks contrasted by the calm of the “riads”. Take time to discover all the places rich in architecture and history: the Bahia Palace, the Ben-Youssef Madrasa, the Koutoubia minaret, the EI-Badi Palace and, finally, the Marrakesh Museum.
  • Fez: Inside the ramparts, there is the medina. Enter it by the magnificent Bab Bujloud Gate. One thing not to be missed: the souk of tanners, in which you can take very beautiful photos. Although the visit is forbidden, you can admire the Quaraouiyine Mosque from the outside. Don’t forget to stroll the typical alleys and vist Fassi houses and the Medersa Bou-Inania.
  • Dades Gorges Located east of Ouarzazate, its red cliffs may remind you of the Colorado Canyon! The road winds through the gorges for tens of miles. You may recognize the beautiful landscape from several Hollywood films!



  • Ait Benhaddou This village is located in the Glaoui Valley, on the side of a hill, where caravans crossed between Marrakech and southern Morocco. This absolutely superb village is a typical example of traditional Moroccan architecture and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The movie studios are near Ouarzazate and big films such as The Mummy, Gladiator and Alexander have been shot here!
  • Ouarzazate 3,900 feet above sea level, a beautiful landscape located on an arid plateau at the foot of the peaks of the High Atlas, it’s Morocco’ southern gateway. A very interesting region with its villages and oases, Ouarzazate has long been a trading hub between several countries in the north and south of the African continent. The symbol of the city is the Taourirt Kasbah that, in the nineteenth century, was the largest residence of the mighty Pacha of Marrakech.


Morocco in Depth:

If this is your first time in Morocco this tour is for you. This combination of Imperial Cities and the desert will allow you to find the contrasts of day to day Moroccan life and visit the treasures of this old civilization! Enjoy 12 delightful days to feast not only your eyes but also your taste buds!

Kasbahs and Oasis:

If you want to discover another face of Morocco the route of the Kasbahs and Oasis takes you through the seemingly inhospitable southeast region of the country to find the best welcome you’ll ever have. Taste delicious local food and enjoy a peaceful environment, in comfortable riads or even tents.

Imperial Cities of Morocco:

Morocco has four imperial cities: Fez, founded by Sultan Idriss id Idris I, Marrakech, founded by the Almoravid Sultan Youssef Ibn Tashfin, Rabat, founded by the Almohad sultan Abd al-Mumin, and Meknes, founded in the 11th century by the dynasty of Almoravids under the reign of the Alawite Sultan Ismail Ben Sherif. Discover the best of Morroccan culture!

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