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You Are Not For Everybody

But you are most definitely for somebody.

I think I already reminded you how effective the simple postcard can be when initiating the process known as sales.

I agree that there is not much space and in no way, shape, or form do I want you to try to sell anything when using the postcard technique. Remember: sales is a process. Step one is designed to lead to step two. Step one is to grab interest and attention.

So, what can you write on a postcard to get you to step two? Maybe all you need is a clearly written web site address. That just might do the trick if step two is trying to get your audience to your web page

You might want to introduce your target audience to a free (complimentary) White Paper or Special Report:

Now picture an interested reader taking the “hook” because they happen to be interested in what you are offering. The large attraction is your promise that you won’t be calling to sell me something… at least not in the beginning.

Click Here!

You see what is happening? The postcard leads to a report that logically leads to a live conversation that leads to some additional written information that leads to a follow up phone Q&A Session that leads to a sale.

No manipulation. No stress. No overcoming objections and no attempt to upsell. Just an interested prospect voluntarily moving themselves through the process at their own pace.

A key point to remember when moving prospects through your process is that you must allow them to bow out or eliminate themselves from the process. You can’t and do not want to force-feed anybody into a one-time sale. Your mission is to develop relationships that will last a long time.

Mike Marchev

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