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You Can’t Just Say the Word NICHE and Expect Anything to Happen

This is the seventh of seven articles in a series titled Discover Your Group Niche. You will be able find the others in our Point-to-Point section.



Oscar: I just wanted you to know that you can’t just say the word bankruptcy and expect anything to happen.

Michael: I didn’t say it. I declared it.


Fans of The Office will instantly recall this hilarious segment from Season 4, Episode 4. Michael believes he will solve his financial woes in three words. His staff accountant is quick to correct him. The solution requires more than words, it requires him to take action!

When you boldly declare your niche, are you expecting to be showered with new business? No matter how many people hear your declaration, success can only be achieved if you actually do something first.

In the business world, discovering your niche is step one, and boldly declaring it is step three. Taking action is step two. Before you make a public promise that you are the best at something you must have your ‘proof-of-niche’ complete.

When you meet a person or see an ad making a bold proclamation, what’s your next move as a consumer? You Google them. You check them out. Do their web and social sites provide trustworthy proof-of-niche or are they all sizzle and no meat?

In the travel business, declaring a niche comes with very high expectations. You can’t fake it till you make it. Creating a niche vacation experience without the necessary expertise will make for very unhappy clients. Reputation is everything in the travel business. New leads and referrals will dry up fast, especially when you promised big. You’re in the business of lifting people up, not letting them down.

Your action plan – the process of establishing your ‘proof-of-niche’ before you go public, is the creation of a niche portfolio. Fill your web and social sites with stories, photos and information. Remain steadfast to your niche. Get people addicted to you. Get them following you. Give them reasons to respect you in your proof-of-niche marketing.

To encourage your journey, I will share these two relevant quotes from The Spirit to Serve Marriott’s Way, written by J. W. Marriott and Kathy Ann Brown.

“To grow successfully, you must stay true to who you are, even while you work feverishly to change who you are.” The riches are in the niches when you stay authentic and courageous at the same time. What gifts do you have that can change people’s lives? Do what’s inside your love circle. I guarantee there will be an audience who will meet you there.

“Companies that don’t risk anything will inevitably find themselves falling behind those that do.” Don’t just declare it, DO IT! Take action and anything you dream you will achieve!


Stuart Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer at

If you can think big, Stuart will help you do big! An accomplished 28-year travel industry executive turned serial solopreneur, Stuart is a creator of brands and an energizing motivational speaker. He motivates & maximizes personal performance in leadership, entrepreneurship, salesmanship & wellness.

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