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8 Amazing World Experiences for 2019

The team at ShoreTrips has traveled to over 400 destinations around the world and came up with a list of our best recommendations for your next world travel experience. From the far corners of Asia to the United States, here is a list of must-see travel experiences to fuel your wanderlust in 2019.


1. See Alaska by Dog Sled



There’s a good reason Alaska ranks high among travel bucket list adventures and boasts a wealth of natural wonders, adventures, and amazing experiences. Kick off sightseeing in Alaska by seeing it from the land, air, or by dog sled. Our Helicopter and Dog Sled Tour takes guests through glacier-carved mountains unfolding below before landing on 20 to 30 feet of snow on Herbert Glacier. Huskies greet visitors and are eager to take you sledding on a 1 1/2 mile to 2-mile loop complete with photo ops.


2. Take a Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon



See the beauty of one of the natural wonders at the Grand Canyon. With ShoreTrips’ Helicopter Tour With Grand Canyon Landing you’ll experience the desert landscape of the Southwest, Lake Las Vegas, and Hoover Dam and learn about the majestic Grand Canyon created millions of years ago by the Colorado River. But you won’t just fly above the Grand Canyon, you fly into it and descend 3,500 feet to the Hualapai Indian Territory. This is the way everyone should experience the Grand Canyon – from land and sky.


3. Swim with the Dolphins in Cozumel



There’s nothing quite like the warmth of the Caribbean sun on your face and turquoise blue waters greeting you for a refreshing dip. Why not jump in and Swim with the Dolphins in Cozumel-The Royal Swim to combine a love of water with these playful and magical creatures. Chankanaab National Marine Park is just a stone’s throw from Cozumel where dolphins eagerly await a few hours of play. Guests can touch, and even kiss, the dolphins along with a race through the water with a dorsal fin tow or foot push. It’s a great experience for the whole family to enjoy.


4. Visit the Seaside Villages of Cinque Terre in Italy



Europe is full of travel bucket list destinations, but if we had to pick one we would recommend exploring the stunning Cinque Terre dotted with quaint seaside villages boasting colorful houses. Absorb the best of what the area has to offer with our Journey through the Cinque Terre tour. Kick off the excursion with a panoramic drive where the Mediterranean coastline meets ancient villages, Genovese-style churches, vineyards, and rocky vistas. These local fishing villages are known for their rocky cliffs, picturesque scenery, and amazing food. For something totally unique, guests will also visit the village of Corniglia and see its well-preserved Medieval aspect surrounded by vineyards and lush greenery.


5. Experience Old-World Russia in St. Petersburg and Moscow



To see Old World Europe, head to the Baltic Sea where St. Petersburg boasts an eclectic assortment of Baroque buildings and Soviet architecture embracing Neoclassical structures and Style Moderne. See it all with our 3 Days in St. Petersburg and Moscow Highlights – a ShoreTrips PREMIUM Shared Van Tour for a balance of the best attractions including Red Square, and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The tour comes with photo and video permissions to most of the museums, and early admission access to the world-famous Hermitage Museum. You’ll even see unique, historical landmarks like Yusupov Palace and Tsars Village filled with some of the world’s most lavish, imperial palaces. Guests can request a guide fluent in their language of choice to learn more about the local history and culture of St. Petersburg and Moscow.  (For those who prefer private tours, ShoreTrips offers its Private: 3 Days in St. Petersburg and Moscow Highlights Tour.)


6. Explore the Wonders of Iceland



Iceland is a travel bucket list destination that can’t be missed. In fact, some of the largest glaciers in Europe, along with the world’s most active volcanoes, call the “Land of Fire and Ice home. After exploring what the city has to offer in Reykjavik, experience the ShoreTrips VALUE Shared Tours…Best of Reykjavik Golden Circle including the bubbling hot springs at Geysir, the waterfalls of Gullfoss, and Thingvellir. The latter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where an open-air assembly representing Iceland met from 930 until 1798. It’s also the spot where the American and Eurasian plates meet with dramatic geology. You will be awestruck by the beauty and wonder of this European island. (By the way, we also offer this excursion as a private tour, Private: Discover Iceland’s Golden Circle).


7. Learn the History of the Terra Cotta Warriors



Exploring ancient Asia would not be complete without a tour of the Imperial City and Terra Cotta Warriors. This remarkable destination in the walled city of Xi’an was the capital for 13 dynasties and 73 emperors and stood as a trade hub for merchants on the Silk Road. Guests will see the city wall towering 39 feet high and 46 feet wide and learn about its history as one of the oldest military defense systems on the planet. After an impressive tour of the wall, you’ll see the Terra Cotta Warriors and learn how peasants uncovered this remarkable find in 1974 when digging a well. They discovered over 7,000 life-sized clay soldiers, archers, and horses that were created under order of ruler Qin Shi Huangdi to guard him in the afterlife. You’ll quickly see why many historians call this massive display with intricate design the 8th Wonder of the World.


8. Take an Australian Wildlife Adventure



In the land down under, exotic creatures abound just ninety minutes outside of metropolitan Sydney. Guides on an Australian Wildlife Adventure help track down the distinctive wildlife of the region from kangaroos to koala bears and the elusive platypus in their native habitats. Local field guides supply guests with binoculars, flashlights, and a trove of information on these distinctive Australian animals. As evening falls, you might even see wombats and gliders coming out to eat and play. Afterwards, guests enjoy a typical Australian inn to complete this perfect rural experience.

The best way to start your travel bucket list adventure is to just start at the top. From helicopter tours to wildlife excursions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. What’s at the top of your bucket list travel destinations?


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